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Japanese company starts project to restore Nakagin Capsules to capsule hotel

The project will feature crowdsourced redesigns of the real original capsules.

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Got an old kimono lying around? Turn it into one-of-a-kind art with upcycle service Ikasu!

Even if you don’t have a kimono to use, there’s style some beautiful artwork you can buy!

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Japanese rokushigake temple architecture for your living room: The no-nail Masugumi table

If you’re looking for your new artisanal centerpiece, this is it.

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Tokyo condo frees up space by putting a shower in the kitchen

Or is it putting a stove in the bathroom?

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Add some wabisabi to your rooms with Japanese rock garden multicovers

Zen on the floor, Zen on the couch, and even Zen on the porch.

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Lego’s new Botanical Collection opens up a world of permanent petal play for stressed adults

Indulge your inner child in a more mature manner with Lego’s new bonsai and flower bouquet sets.

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Decorate your room like a bento box with the new soy sauce bottle light

Add a taste of Japan to your home decor. 

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New Japanese-style Starbucks set to open in Nagano prefecture【Photos】

If you’re as big of a fan of Starbucks as you are of traditional Japanese aesthetics, mark your maps.

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The charm of ‘ITABEYA’ is attracting tourists and otaku alike

As soon as you enter the room in this guesthouse in Tokyo’s Azabujuban district, you’re bombarded with a flurry of quirky otaku cuteness; a genre otherwise known as ‘moe-kei’. From the bed sheets, to the walls, and even splayed across the ceiling is a whole array of busty anime girls in all their cutesy glory.

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An insider’s look at how Salvador Dali’s beloved traditional Japanese-style umbrellas are made

Just what is it about Japanese style umbrellas that captured Salvador Dali’s heart? HIYOSHIYA may give you a hint or two.

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“Eco-pochi” indoor plants will add style to your home and remove stinky smells, too!

These utra-stylish dinky indoor plants have deodorising properties which will neutralise unsavoury smells in your home!

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Screw it with a smile thanks to this unusual screwdriver set from Tokyo artist Yuma Kano

When it comes to screwing, most people would choose a Phillips head or a flat-head to get the job done. Or if you’re in Japan, where they use different terms, you’d ask for a plus (+) or a minus (-) screwdriver to get things going. Now though, it seems the humble screw has just received a facelift, thanks to a clever design collaboration between a Tokyo artist and a manufacturer from Osaka. The only thing cuter than a tiny smiley screw is the adorable driver that screws them in!

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Make Dinner an Undersea Adventure With These Realistic Jellyfish Lamps

In Japan, people generally eat jellyfish, not decorate with them, but if you are the kind of person who eschews conventional interior design, you’ll want to have a look at these charming hanging lamps made by California-based Roxy Russel Designs. Faithfully modeled on real jellyfish, these translucently luminous creations will enchant even the most jelly-phobic decorators. Read More

Jewelry You Can Eat! Q-Pot Cafe: The Sweetest Most Adorable Cafe in Tokyo!

Are you familiar with the Q-pot brand of jewelry?  It could get a bit sticky if your tried wearing it on your next night out on the town, but it certainly is attractive, and tasty!

That is because Q-pot Cafe arranges chocolates, cupcakes and macaroons into delightful rings, bracelets, and necklaces!  Never before has there ever been such delectable mouth-watering jewelry, something that is served up in the most appealing manner at the Q-pot cafe. Read More