Drink ends up looking very different than what it started as.

A stiff drink and a relaxing bath are both effective ways of unwinding at the end of the day, and recently Japanese Twitter user @kiku000084 wanted to enjoy both. First he poured himself a whiskey and water, but deciding he wanted to take the bath first, he put the glass in his freezer to chill while he soaked.

Unfortunately, when he got out of the bath, he forgot about his drink until much later, and by the time he finally did remember, it was startlingly unrecognizable.

“If you leave your whiskey and water in the freezer, it’ll end up looking like it has a punch, perm, so be careful,” cautions @kiku000084, referring to the tight-curl hairstyle sported by old-school tough guys in Japan (and also sometimes SoraNews24’s own Mr. Sato).

So why did this happen? @kiku000084 isn’t entirely sure, but the most plausible theory seems to be that it has something to do with differences in the volatilization and freezing temperatures for water and whiskey. Ordinarily, a home-use freezer won’t get cold enough to turn whiskey into a solid, but mixing it with water seems to have allowed sections of the solution to freeze, resulting in the uneven crystallization.

Further credence to that explanation comes from a follow-up experiment @kiku000084 performed using two different kinds of whiskey: the same Kirin Riku as in his first tweet and Suntory’s Kakubin. Between the two, Riku has the higher alcohol content, and the ice that formed on the top of its cup looks shaper and spikier than the slush for the Suntory’s.

@kiku000084 says he’s planning to dig deeper into this research on a day when he has time to drink several glasses of whiskey. In the meantime, though, this all makes a pretty compelling argument to just take your whiskey into the bath with you.

Source: Twitter/@kiku000084 via Hachima Kiko
Images: Twitter/@kiku000084
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