Acclaimed London and New York artists put a new spin on some of our favourite pocket monsters.

It’s been a while since Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo has satisfied our cravings for Pokémon fashion, but that’s to be rectified at the end of this month, with the new “Pokemon Meets Artist UT” collection.

The new range, produced for Uniqlo’s graphic T-shirt brand UT, will be available in kids’ and adults’ sizes, featuring the works of two contemporary artists: Meguru Yamaguchi and James Jarvis. 

▼ Meguru Yamaguchi is a New York-based artist who’s previously worked with brands like HUF, Nike, and Oakley.

Yamaguchi is known for his distinct use of bold colour and spraypaint-esque patterns, which lend a cool, street vibe to his designs for the new collection. Some of his pocket monster designs include:

▼ Mewtwo (Adult’s)

▼ Pikachu (Adult’s)

▼ Pikachu (Kids’)

▼ Mewtwo (Kids’)

James Jarvis is a London-based artist who’s previously worked with brands like HUF, Ikea, and Coca-Cola.

Jarvis is a well-known comic book illustrator, whose fun style is said to bring out the individuality of different Pokémon. Some of his designs for the adult’s range include:

▼ Pikachu…

▼ …Psyduck…

▼ …Psyduck and Slowpoke…

▼ …Snorlax…

▼ …and Ditto!

Jarvis’ kid’s designs feature characters like:

▼ Pikachu…

▼ …Snorlax…

▼  …and Gengar.

Despite the adult’s range being classified as “men’s” on the official website, they can be worn by all genders, and are priced at 1,500 yen (US$13.72) for the T-shirts and 1,990 yen for  the sweatshirts. The kids’ T-shirts and sweatshirts are priced at 990 yen and 1,500 yen respectively, and the entire collection is due to go on sale online and at Uniqlo stores in Japan from 27 August.

While the company is yet to announce whether these will be available globally, given the huge popularity of past Uniqlo x Pokémon collaborations, which have known to sell out on the first day of sales, you’ll want to be lightning quick if you see ’em so you can catch ’em all before they disappear forever!

Source: Uniqlo via PR Times
Featured image: PR Times
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