Rent-A-Girlfriend will keep lucky fans company through lonely nights.

A lot of harem anime are powered by a fanbase that’s looking for some sort of pseudo-companionship. Rent-A-Girlfriend, though, is savvy enough to bake that aspect right into its narrative, focusing on a college student who becomes involved first with one woman who’s working at an escort service, and then meets several other young ladies in the same line of work.

Perhaps logically, anime merchandiser Slash Gift has come to the conclusion that Rent-A-Girlfriend’s fans would also like someone to keep them company, even if they’re not in a real romantic relationship, and so they’ve put together this acrylic art panel of female lead Chizuru Mizuhara, designed so that it looks like she’s lying next to you in bed.

It’s a unique concept, and since sleep-with-your-anime-crush merch usually takes the form of huggy pillows, it might be kind of hard to envision exactly how the panel looks in use. Thankfully, Slash Gift has provided some sample photos, and the answer is that it looks absolutely bonkers.

Chizuru makes such a dramatic impact that you might not even notice at first glance that that guy’s not even sleeping in a bed, but on top of a desk. Also, while it’s a dream-come-true for many otaku to have a life-size representation of their favorite anime character, Chizuru here is actually larger than any normal human being would be, as the panel is 140 centimeters (55.1 inches) long, but only shows her head and torso.

▼ Would her presence during a work-from-home shift be reassuring or terrifying?

The panel can’t be bought outright, however. Instead, it’s an available prize for an online Rent-A-Girlfriend merchandise lottery, in which you can also win much more compact items such as stickers, keyholders, and towels.

Specifically, the giant Chizuru panel is being offered as the lottery’s “Double Chance Prize.” For every ten tickets/pulls you buy (each priced at 880 yen [US$8]), you get one entry into the drawing for the panel.

The lottery is taking pace through the Slash Gift website here between now and September 12, with shipping for the panel scheduled for early November, thus giving the winner roughly two months to rearrange their living space for Chizuru’s arrival. Actually, we should say the winners, since Slash Gift is giving away two of the giant Chizuru panels, which makes sense, since no one person could really own a rental girlfriend, right?

Source: Slash Gift via Otakomu
Images: Slash Gift
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