When you look at them a certain way, huggy pillows with pictures of cute anime girls on them are kind of creepy. Well, actually, they’re creepy in several ways, but for right now, let’s limit our discussion to one way in particular.

Even if we accept that there’s nothing wrong with consensual love between a man and his pillow, their relative sizes make the situation kind of weird. After all, a person’s height is far greater than a pillow’s length, so wouldn’t Miss Anime Pillow feel a little awkward cuddling with her much larger otaku owner?

It’d probably be a little like squeezing a gigantic anime pillow that’s six meters (19.7 feet) long. Of course, if that sounds like your personal vision of bedtop bliss, there’s a company giving away just that.

Japanese mobile video network operator mineo has plenty of fans, and even its own official website for them, called Maineo. Given the technological nature of its business, many of Maineo’s visitors are young men, who also happen to make up a sizeable portion of the anime enthusiast community.

As such, Maineo even has its own anime girl mascot, named Maineo-tan. Figuring it was time Maineo-tan was honored with the same kind of goodies as other cute 2-D girls, Maineo’s administrators recently decided to create an air-inflated huggy pillow in her likeness.

They also decided to make it six meters long and two meters wide.

▼ “It’s just the right size for a person who’s eight meters (26.2 feet) tall!” they boast.

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The Maineo-tan pillow was previously used for a tongue-in-cheek article where the Maineo staff tried to figure out how to even get it into an apartment (they ended up having to push it through the window, since it was too big to carry in through the front door). Rather than keep the pillow for themselves, though, they’re giving it away to one lucky Maineo user.

While you don’t have to be signed up for mineo’s MVNO service, you will need a Maineo account. Applications for the drawing to determine the winner are being accepted between now and February 28, with the recipient to be announced by the end of April.

Delivery will be made personally by the Maineo writers, which means you probably won’t have to worry about shipping and handling costs. On the other hand, you will need to figure out some way to get it into your home, since odds are they’ll be bringing Maineo-tan by fully inflated. They’ll also be taking pictures to use in a future Maineo article, so you might want to run the vacuum before they stop by.

▼ Although there’s not much point in being self-conscious about a few dust bunnies on the floor when you’ve got this on your bed.

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