Wisteria Restaurant to pop up at Universal Studios Japan alongside Demon Slayer AR coaster.

No other theme park in Japan is as enthusiastic about team-ups with anime and video game franchises as Universal Studios Japan is, so it was only a matter of time before the Osaka park joined hands with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the current king of Japanese animation fandom frenzy. And of course, an entertainment collaboration in Japan means themed food, and in the case of USJ and Demon Slayer, an entire on-site pop-up restaurant.

Opening next month inside the park is the Fuji no Hana Shokujidokoro, or Wisteria Restaurant. Decked out with an ethereal motif inspired by the anime’s mystical flowers and featuring a Taisho-era interior aesthetic, the eatery will offer a menu with set meals, drinks, and desserts paying homage to the Demon Slayer Corps’ Hashira members. For example, the set for Water Breathing master Giyu includes his beloved simmered salmon with daikon radish, along with other aquatic delicacies like sashimi and shrimp tempura.

As a matter of fact, the Wisteria Restaurant (which will be hosted at what’s normally the park’s Saido restaurant) looks to be especially appealing to Ginyu fans, as part of the décor is a life-size figure/statue of the Demon Slayer that diners can take a photo with. There’s also going to be a statue of fellow Hashira Shinobu, and while no photos of it have been shown off yet, if it’s anywhere near the quality of the Ginyu one, it should be a sight to see too.

Each and every Hashira gets a special food or drink item, with colorful creations that mix modern and classical Japanese tastes.

Sound Hashira Tengen’s Modern Sushi

Love Hashira Mitsuri’s Pork Cutlet Set, with hearts and sakura mochi, her favorite Japanese sweet, for dessert

▼ Left: Insect Hashira Shinobu’s ice cream with butterfly jellies
Right: Wind Hashira Sanemi’s ohagi rice dumplings, his absolute favorite food, accompanied by candied chestnut, shiratama mochi, and matcha ice cream

▼ Left to right: Serpent Hashira Obanai’s Blackcurrant Yogurt Drink, Mist Hashira Muichiro’s Sky Blue Soda, and Stone Hashira Gyomei’s Milk Hojicha tea

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering about Flame Hashira Kyojuro, poster boy for the record-breaking Mugen Train movie, he gets no fewer than three menu items saluting him, but they’ll all be over at Universal Studios Japan’s separate Studio Stars Restaurant.

And if you prefer your edible Demon Slayer fun in an on-the-go format, USJ will also be selling special Nezuko popcorn buckets, with the snack inside seasoned with a honey plum flavor.

As for the non-food parts of the project, USJ’s theme-rotating XR Ride AR coaster will be getting a Demon Slayer scenario, and the anime’s voice cast will also be providing special narration for the Hollywood Dream The Ride roller coaster.

The USJ/Demon Slayer tie-up kicks off on September 17 and runs until February 13.

Source: Universal Studios Japan via IT Media
Top image: Universal Studios Japan
Insert images: Universal Studios Japan (1, 2, 3)
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