Whipped Cream is a Drink is a dessert and a philosophy all rolled into one.

The line between “eating” and “drinking” something isn’t always so clearly delineated in Japanese, perhaps because many traditional Japanese soups tend to be mainly broth, with very little solid food in it. This has led to unabashed big eaters in Japan making the tongue-in-cheek claim that curry roux is a beverage, and now that same logic is being applied to whipped cream.

Tokyo-based food and beverage company M.G.K. has just released Whipped Cream is a Drink, or Nama Cream ha Nomimono if you’re asking for the product/shouting the philosophy from the rooftops in Japanese. While it’s not a can of straight whipped cream, it is made with a generous portion of 14-percent milk fat cream, for a much thicker consistency than any caffe or matcha latte.

In addition to the Plain Whipped Cream is a Drink there’s also a version with Ka’u coffee flavoring, which is no less creamy.

You could, ostensibly, drink Whipped Cream is a Drink straight from the can. The cream’s thickness, though, means that that would probably be a difficult exercise in patience, and so M.G.K. includes a wide heart-shaped straw with the drink.

Japanese Twitter users have reacted with a mixture of fear and awe, with comments including:

“This is diabolical.”
“It’s absolutely disgraceful…how much I want this.”
“No question it’d give me heartburn, but I still want to try it.”
“I think I’d pass out after drinking this.”
“It’s like the beverage of my dreams.”
“Totally buying this.”

That last sentiment is one a lot of people apparently share. Even at the hefty price of 3,456 yen (US$31.70) for a pack of four 330-milliliter (11.2-ounce) cans, M.G.K. has already sold out their entire allocated stock through the end of the year, despite Whipped Cream is a Drink only having gone on sale September 6. With that tremendous response, though, you can be sure that they’ll be offering the next batch as soon as it’s ready, and when they do, it can be ordered here through the company’s Hawaii Ka’u online store.

Source: @Press via Shokuraku via Livedoor News, Twitter/@HawaiiKau_J, Twitter/@livedoornews
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