New hot and cold beverages come complete with a gold star so you can create your very own drinkable Christmas tree.

The holiday drinks are coming hard and fast at Starbucks in Japan, with Gingerbread and Christmas Cake drinks released on November 1 and White Chocolate Snow Frappuccinos available from November 22.

Even though these two holiday-themed beverages are still currently on sale, Starbucks knows we can never have too much of the holiday spirit, so they’ve just announced what may well be their best Christmas release yet: the Pistachio Christmas Tree Frappuccino.

▼ The new Christmas-themed beverages will be available in cold (left) and hot (right) varieties.

Both drinks come with a rich pistachio milk base, using snow-like whipped cream combined with a sauce made from roasted pistachios to give it a full-bodied flavour kick. Roasted macadamia nuts have also been added to the drink, to create a delightfully crunchy texture. On top, the pistachio sauce appears again, this time as a delightful mound of green whipped cream to resemble a Christmas tree, while bright red raspberry sauce is used to resemble a red ribbon.

And just in case all the Christmas-tree themed imagery is too abstract to visualise, Starbucks will be offering a special star-adorned straw to customers who purchase the drink. Pop one of these into your beverage and it’ll be like you’re conducting your very own tree-lighting ceremony, with Starbucks suggesting you use the hashtag #フラペチーノ点灯式, (“Frappuccino Lighting Ceremony”) when sharing images of your drinkable Christmas tree on social media.

Starbucks also suggests customers play around with different customisations for the drinks, saying that the hot pistachio milk in particular is perfect for customised options like chocolate or white mocha. It’s like adding a specially chosen Christmas present underneath your star-topped tree.

The hot Pistachio Christmas tree is available in a variety of sizes, starting from 450 yen (US$3.96) while the Pistachio Christmas Tree Frappuccino is sold in a tall size only for 590 yen. Both drinks will be available at Starbucks outlets around Japan from 5 December until Christmas Day.

Source: Starbucks Japan
Featured image: Starbucks Japan
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