whipped cream

We find a vending machine selling ‘Great Buddha flavoured’ drinkable whipped cream

The latest in a long line of Japanese vending machines that’ll make you think, “… they’re selling what?!”

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Drinkable whipped cream in a can is Japanese sweets fans’ newest obsession【Photos】

Whipped Cream is a Drink is a dessert and a philosophy all rolled into one.

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We drink a gold leaf-covered chocolate drink from Godiva and pretend we’re rich【Taste Test】

A delectable chocolate drink shrouded in gold? Count us in!

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Japan’s Whipped Cream Burger is a fistful of sweet dairy and a mouthful of complete honesty

The most decadent, least healthy, and absolute craziest vegetarian burger we’ve ever tried.

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We try beer with whipped cream on top…because we’re fancy

It’s been said that younger generations of drinkers in Japan just aren’t that into beer anymore. With them opting instead for cheaper and sweeter cocktails, good old ale (or ale-flavored stuff) is gradually being pushed aside.

However, our intrepid reporter Meg has found a way to reinvent beer to younger folks appealing to their sweet-tooths. It comes from South Korea where it’s called “Saengkeulim Maegju” or “Cream Beer” and is basically beer with some whipped cream on top. It’s so easy you can make it at home…so we did!

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Starbucks Order Customization- Is There a Limit?

Starbucks prides itself on letting customers customize their drinks and offers a lot of choices: no foam, no whip/with whip, double blended, two pump vanilla, extra shot and extra hot to name but a few. Never one to shy from a challenge, we decided to test just how far Starbucks was willing go in ensuring that visitors to its coffeehouses get just what they want.

Our request? A no caramel, no whip, and–are you ready for it–no coffee Caramel Frappuccino.

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