Looking for something sweet? Now you can drink an apple dessert at a McCafé in Japan! 

Drinkable desserts have been quite the thing in Japan for some time now, including at McCafé by Barista, McDonald’s Japan’s sub-chain of cafes, where a variety of decadently sweet drinks have been offered in the past. Now, their newest line of dessert beverages comes in a flavor they’ve never given us before — good old apple!

Yes, this autumn, we’re getting treated to three delightful apple dessert drinks from the cafe chain: the Chunky Apple Custard Frappe, the Apple Tart Latte and the Apple Tart Iced Latte. And what’s more, the drinks look even better than they sound!

The Chunky Apple Custard Frappe (500 yen [US$4.50]), shown above, is made from a bottom layer of apple sauce containing actual apple pieces, above which comes the main drink consisting of custard cream and apple pie-flavored syrup, all topped with chunky pieces of flavorful Japan-grown apples, crunchy graham crumbles and a serving of smooth whipped cream. Now, that’s certainly a picture that makes our mouths water!

As for the Apple Tart Latte and Apple Tart Iced Latte (both 390 yen), the base drink consists of apple pie-flavored syrup mixed with hot foamed milk or cold milk respectively, both topped with whipped cream, graham crumbles and apple sauce containing fruit pieces. Yup, a combination of apple, coffee and cream doesn’t sound bad at all!

The three drinks are available now at the 90 McCafé by Barista locations across Japan until late November. While a beverage may not be exactly the same as say, a freshly baked apple pie, we think the drinks look more than good enough to try, and we’re definitely not complaining about drinkable desserts becoming a trend. Let’s hope we can look forward to even more interesting flavors from McCafé in the future!

Source: Digital PR PlatformMcDonald’s Japan
Top image: Digital PR Platform
Insert images: McDonald’s Japan