What’s better than popping bubble wrap? A whole room of oversized bubble wrap.

As much as people like to joke about how similar having children is to having pets, obviously, they’re drastically different in many ways. Obviously. But there is one similarity that I’ve noticed, in my experience—no matter how much you spend on an incredible gift for your darling angel, nine times out of ten they will be much more fascinated with the packaging.

I, for one, whiled away many a merry day popping bubble wrap until my thumbs ached. If I’d only known about the pop-tacular paradise that would be unveiled in 2021!

The park, named Let’s Play! Puti Puti, will be installed in Tachikawa City in Tokyo inside a large indoor open space called Play! Park, part of the Play! Museum and Park. Play! Park contains seven indoor spaces but doesn’t install any permanent play sets or equipment. Instead, they work alongside architects and engineers to create experiences like this one. Let’s Play! Puti Puti will take place in one of the large spaces, the “Big Dish”.

▼ The Big Dish is a 22-meter (72-foot) diameter space, now decked out in huge swathes of bubble wrap.

Puti puti, pronounced puchi puchi, is the Japanese onomatopoeic word for the pop! sound made by bubble wrap as you squeeze it. The project was brought together over a period of two months, supervised by fashion designer Kosuke Tsumura who also lectures at Musashino University. Student volunteers helped to string up and secure sheet after sheet of squishy plastic while resisting the urge to pop, pop, pop away at all those tantalizing bubbles.

The bubble wrap is arranged in all kinds of ways to stimulate creativity and the desire to play. Strips of bubble wrap dangle from the ceiling in fluttering ribbons, while other kids may want to wriggle inside a rolled sheet of wrap and roll around on the floor. Stalactites of rolled bubble wrap invite kids to punch, hug, and shake them to their heart’s content.

Yet more wrap adorns the floor in huge, snail-shell spiral circles. Stomp on them! Pick them up! Roll them around! Since the bubble wrap is soft and protective, you don’t need to worry about bumps and scrapes as you might in another playground. If your child is three years old or younger, you can use a much smaller 7-meter (22.9-feet) diameter space called the Little Dish so that they can play gently with kids around the same age.

The Let’s Play! Puti Puti playrooms will be available until March 2022, so if you’re in or near Tachikawa make sure to stop by for some safe, bouncy entertainment! You might want to check the prices as they vary based on day, ages, and whether you reside in Tachikawa or not—and holiday prices apply from September 18 to September 26.

Playroom Information

Let’s Play! Puti Puti at Play! Museum and Park
Address: Tokyo-to, Tachikawa-shi, Midori-cho 3-1 Green Springs W3
東京都立川市緑町3-1 GREEN SPRINGS W3
Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (weekdays), 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (weekends and holidays), with last entry an hour before closing time

Source: PR Times, Play! Museum and Park
Images: PR Times

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