Now you can make frothy 3-D art in an instant with a cute new device from Japan.

Japanese company Shine is known for its lineup of innovative products, which are so popular they even grace the shelves of the museum store at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Their latest release speaks to the child in all of us, with the Awamoko 3D Pen combining our love of playing with soapy bubbles and all the fun of some creative artistry.


Using the pen is easy: it just needs to filled with foaming liquid hand soap, and once it’s switched on, it immediately begins producing bubbles. You can even choose between fine bubbles or coarse bubbles, which allows for different textures to be created in the foamy 3-D art piece. You won’t be able to take it in the bath, though, as it isn’t waterproof, but adults and kids alike will be able to use the pen outside of the bathroom, using sponge mats and some cute paper accessories which can be bought separately.


The Awamoko 3-D Sheets make it easy to create 3-D creatures, with foam pieces for you to build upon, using the 3-D pen. By layering bubbles on top of the pieces, you can make anything from wild animals to dinosaurs, cute pets and even underwater sea creatures. Once you become more familiar with using the pen, you can begin making free-hand creations. But they won’t last forever — within 30 minutes, your art will begin to fade away.


▼ You can create a carrot-mouthed bunny…


▼ An adorable pussy cat…


▼ Or any weird and wonderful creation you choose!


If they could make a version that works with milk to make latte art, there would be no end to the different types of cute coffees we could enjoy!

▼ Just imagine if this were milk foam instead of soap foam…


Available at toy stores around the country from 16 July, the pen retails for 2,678 yen (US$25.33), while the Awamoko 3-D sheets retail for 734 yen each.

Source, Images: @Press