bubble wrap

Squish, pop, and roll your way through Tokyo’s new ginormous bubble-wrap play park

What’s better than popping bubble wrap? A whole room of oversized bubble wrap.

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Enjoy the pleasure of endless bubble wrap with Infinity Bubble Wrap AIR

The future of stress relief is now.

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Mr Sato shows us how to buy bubble wrap from one of the most unusual vending machines in Japan

The interesting operating system for buying metres of bubble wrap involves the use of a gacha capsule toy machine.

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One Japanese prefecture’s bubbly message to drivers who refuse to use their turn signals【Video】

When you need to get the message across, use more bubble wrap.

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Japan’s heart and Mickey Mouse-shaped bubble wrap is the cutest thing you’ll ever pop

Bubble wrap lovers everywhere were dealt a blow this summer with the devastating news that the company behind the world’s favourite air-filled packaging was launching a new, unpoppable bubble wrap. Sealed Air Corp., the inventors of bubble wrap back in the 1950s, have come up with a new design for an air-filled wrap that doesn’t burst under pressure.

But here at RocketNews24, we probably won’t be buying regular boring old round bubble wrap ever again anyway, because we’ve discovered that Japan has bubble wrap shaped like hearts and Mickey Mouse heads.

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Wall of bubble-wrap Blue Slimes appears in Shinjuku Station to promote new Dragon Quest game

Nothing says Dragon Quest like its adorable mascot, the smiling, teardrop-shaped slime. With appearances in almost every Dragon Quest title, a slew of associated merchandise, and even its own video game, the series’s blue slime is instantly recognizable to many fans around the world.

And until March 1, not one, not two, but 100,000 of these blue critters will line one wall of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station in the form of a massive bubble wrap sheet. Now it’s up to the passersby to pop each slime into oblivion and become the heroes they were born to be.

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This Bubble Wrap iPhone Case Will Keep You Satisfied 365 Days a Year

If you’re one of those people who just can’t get enough of popping bubble wrap, you may want to steers clear of this iPhone 5 case from Japanese mobile phone accessory experts Strapya. As well as keeping your smart phone safe from everyday bumps and scratches, it also provides the user with row after row of never-ending bubbles to be “popped”.

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