These are just two of the reasons to love this awesome collaboration from Japan.

Pocky has teamed up with popular Japanese tea brand Gogo no Koucha (Afternoon Tea) for a unique collaboration that encourages consumers to play with both their packaging and its contents to create a unique flavour and some interesting love stories at the same time. To enjoy the new campaign, you’ll need a box of the specially marked Pocky midi sweets and a bottle of Teagurt.

▼ The new Pocky packs feature some stubby, Sicilian lemon-coated biscuit sticks, with either a girl or boy on the front of the boxes, posing in the same way, with their lips lingering on the side of the packaging.


Teagurt, a new yoghurt-flavoured tea drink, features a variety of six different characters, all leaning towards the side of the bottle to meet up with the Pocky box characters.


▼ Each bottle comes with two different characters.


Once you have both products, you’re ready to play! First, there’s the joy of putting the items together, to create a couple of sweet love scenarios.





Then it’s time to whip out your mobile phone, download the app from the campaign website and scan the products together. One of 12 love stories will play, depending on the combination you’ve chosen.



We were disappointed to see the two boys are actually love rivals, however, meaning the gentleman on the Pocky pack was turned into a girl for this love story.



After you’ve watched the short clip, which ends with the characters kissing, it’s time to break open the products themselves. While the lemon-flavoured Pocky sticks can be enjoyed on their own, it’s advised that you eat them while drinking the Teagurt, to bring out an unusual cheesecake flavour.



We decide to try one of the adorable little Pocky sticks first on its own.


The thick chocolate coating is creamy and full of zesty lemon flavour. Until you reach the bare biscuit at the end, there’s more soft, dense chocolate than crunch inside each mouthful.


The Teagurt on its own tastes exactly as the name suggests. There’s a mild tea flavour that’s followed by a strong yoghurt tartness. After trying the products separately, we decide to follow the instructions on the pack, combining the two by taking a bite of Pocky, followed by a mouthful of Teagurt.


Once you start chewing, the yoghurt drink moistens the lemon-flavoured Pocky, melding together to bring out the flavour of a creamy, zingy lemon cheesecake. It really works! What’s even more surprising is the fact that the crunch of the biscuit stick adds to the sensation, mimicking both the taste and texture of a cheesecake base.


You have to make sure you get the right balance of liquid to chocolate to really bring out the cheesecake flavour, which simply means we just had to keep experimenting and perfecting the technique until both products were gone!


The Teagurt retails for 140 yen (US$1.25) while the Pocky is priced at 208 yen, both available from convenience stores and supermarkets for a limited time.

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