Recreated Japanese freight boxes can be outfitted like living rooms or bedrooms.

East Japan Railway Company, a.k.a. JR East, has an online shop where rail fans can buy all sorts of train-related memorabilia. A lot of it you can probably imagine, stuff like Shinkansen posters, Yamanote Line plastic toys, keychains of the company’s Suica mascot penguin.

And then there’s their newest item.

That’s a recreation of the 6000 Series Container Yellow-Green Number 6, a cargo container that was used by JR trains to haul freight around Japan between 1960 and 1975. Hardcore train enthusiasts are sure to be impressed with its historical significance, but what’s really significant is its size.

Are you imagining a compact box you can set at the corner of your desk for a decoration? Think bigger. Much, much bigger. It’s 3.715 meters long, 2.45 meters wide, and 2.5 meters tall (10.4 x 8 x 8.2 feet), so it’s not something you put in your living or bedroom, but something that becomes an entire room of its own, installed on your property.

▼ JR’s artist rendition gives you the basic idea without robbing you of a fun opportunity to use a lot of your imagination.

The replica is almost the exact same size as the actual shipping container was, giving it approximately 7,1 square meters (76.4 square feet) of floor space. Three different interior designs are available, with the simplest, the Train Storage type, giving you plain plywood walls, floor, and ceiling.

If you want something fancier, you can step up to the Train Gallery type, which offers a much more finished look and even gives you some special furniture, a two-seat bench that was actually used on one of JR’s Azusa passenger trains.

▼ The Train Gallery interior also nets you a Railway Antiques Treasure Chest with various fittings from an Azusa train.

Finally, there’s the Sleeper Express interior, with a desk, chair, curtained window, and sleeping pad.

▼ The chair and curtains are from a JR Hokutosei train.

Prices vary depending on specific options, but start at 2.97 million yen (US$27,250) for the Train Storage, 7.7 million for the Train Gallery, and 9.9 million for the Sleeper Express. This being an East Japan Railway product, installation is available for Tokyo and other Kanto (east Japan) prefectures. Officially called the Machihako Train series, the container rooms are available now through the JRE Mall online shop here.

Source: PR Times via IT Media
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, JRE Mall (1, 2)
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