Can cheap lightning strike twice?

Back in the summer Lawson, one of Japan’s big three convenience store groups, did something equally kind to out stomachs and our wallets by releasing a Wiener Bento boxed lunch that costs just 200 yen (US$1.75). It’s gone on to be a huge hit, with half a million sold in less than half a year.

▼ Several of those sales were to SoraNews24 writers.

A bento for so low a price is an incredible value, so imaging our shock and joy when we found out that Lawson has now rolled out a second 200-yen bento! Naturally, we rushed out the door to our local branch to see if they had any in stock, and sure enough, there it was, right next to the Wiener Bento, the brand-new Meatball Bento.

▼ Meatball Bento (left) and Wiener Bento (right)

Taking on taste-test duties was our ace reporter Mr. Sato, but he let us know that while he’s happily eaten several of Lawson’s Wiener Bento, he was skeptical about the new Meatball Bento.

In his opinion, wieners are the more luxurious foodstuff, and he doubted that meatballs could provide the same sense of satisfying decadence.

▼ We’ll be honest. Sometimes Mr. Sato’s concept of luxury is hard to grasp.

But all it took was one sphere of meat for Mr. Sato to spin a 180 on his premature judgement of the Meatball Bento.

The demi-glace sauce that the meatballs are covered in is startlingly delicious, with a rich flavor and just a touch of sweetness. Not only is it a great compliment to the meat…

it also tastes great when it gets on the bento’s rice and pasta. As a matter of fact, it’s so good that Mr. Sato could see himself eating an entire plate of spaghetti with the demi-glace as its sauce.

So Lawson is now two for two in making bento that are both genuinely tasty and mind-blowingly cheap, and now we can’t help wondering what other 200-yen boxed lunch ideas they have up their sleeves.

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