No more demons are getting past this kid.

As a kid, did you ever have an idea that you sketched out and wished so hard that it would come to life? Well, Japanese bag makers Tsuchiya Bag Co., the same slightly-niche makers of the watermelon-holding bag, have just created a bag based entirely based a five-year-old boy’s sketch. Haruki of Hiroshima Prefecture wanted a bag that he could use to help slay the scary demons he saw in picture books, so he sketched out his idea and sent it to Tsuchiya Bag Co. The end result is the demon-slaying “Kabuto Bag”.

▼ Little did he know this drawing would one day come to life.

Japanese folklore features a lot of scary demons, with a famous yearly appearance by them every February on the Japanese holiday Setsubun. Many parents warn their children that demons will come if they don’t behave like good children, so naturally, this is a bag that many Japanese kids would appreciate without a doubt.

▼ The bag is made with several different colors of leather to mimic the sketch’s color blocking.

What’s really cool about this bag is that it can transform from a simple shoulder bag into a fearsome-looking kabuto (samurai helmet) that’s sure to frighten off any demons that come your way.

▼ Because how else are you going to slay a demon?

Since Haruki’s colorful sketch of his idea looked distinctly like a kabuto helmet, Tsuchiya Bag Co. decided to keep that shape and idea, quite literally. That’s how this ended up being a two-way bag, one way being the kabuto helmet version, and the other being a shoulder bag.

▼ And as per Haruki’s request, it can hold a katana.

▼ It also has pockets for important back-up ammo like ninja stars.

Tsuchiya Bag Co. created the demon-slaying bag as part of their “A Bag Like This Would Be Great” campaign, where they collected ideas of a bag that would be useful in certain situations – in this case, demon slaying. It’ll be on display for a limited time at the Tsuchiya bag shop in Hiroshima City from November 17 to November 29, so visitors can stop by and see a dream turned into reality for themselves.

Sources: PR Times via Neto Labo, Tsuchiya Randoseru
Images: PR Times
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