Importation issues are causing a shortage of McDonald’s fries.

If you’re the type of person to pick up a large serving of fries from McDonald’s on the way home–and no judgment here, we’re all victims of sudden French fry cravings–then you’ll want to know the latest news from McDonald’s Japan. Apparently, the company is facing a shortage of French fries and is going to be suspending sales of their M and L-sized fries for a short time this month.

The problem arose because McDonald’s Japan imports the potatoes it uses for its French fries from the U.S.–which has been an issue for Japan’s McFry supplies before. This time, COVID-19 has resulted in a lot of supply issues both within the U.S. and in international trading routes. Additionally, widespread damage due to severe flooding in Vancouver in recent weeks has disrupted the route of McDonald’s potatoes, which typically travel to Japan via Vancouver’s ports.

Both of these factors have led to a shortage of French fries at McDonald’s outlets in Japan, forcing the fast-food chain to suspend sales of M and L-sized fries between 24 and 30 December so as to keep from running out of fries completely until the next shipment of potatoes arrives.

Not to worry, though; that’s not to say that McDonald’s will not be selling their trademark French fries at all. The restaurant will still be selling S-size French fries, though if you’re anything like me, those little tiny pouches don’t fit nearly enough fries. Luckily, there don’t seem to be any rules on how many small French fries you can order, though the neighborly thing to do would be to limit your order as much as you can so we can all enjoy French fries until the shortage is over.

Note that this limit affects set meals as well as individual orders of French fries. McDonald’s Japan’s Value Sets and Value Lunch sets will not be served with medium or large-sized French fries; instead, you’ll be supplied with a small if you request fries as your side. As compensation, the price of the sets will be reduced by 50 yen. Additionally, other sets and pairings that come with anything larger than a small serving of fries will be suspended, including the “Pota-Nugget” set, which comes with a large serving of fries and a 10-piece box of chicken nuggets.

Naturally, this shortage is causing some French fry fans a little bit of distress:

“For me this is the same as the sun going out.”
“Seriously? I eat the L size a lot…I guess I have to eat a ton of S-size fries now.”
“I noticed the last three weeks that they haven’t been distributing the coupon for 190-yen Large fries. Is that because the potatoes weren’t coming?”
“I could cry.”
“This time it’s potatoes that are short? Well I guess we can just eat nuggets instead.”

This McDonald’s French fry shortage comes hot on the heels of the Family Mart Famichiki shortage, which is just one of many shortages in the last two years, including whisky and the milk enhancer Milo. With all these small but basic items becoming harder to find, a lot of Japanese consumers are worried about what could be next.

Luckily, breakfast fans don’t have to worry, as McDonald’s Japan’s breakfast hash browns, at least, will not be affected by the potato shortage. Phew.

Source: Kyodo via livedoor News via My Game News Flash, PhileWeb, Twitter/@livedoornews
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