Chain leaves two French fry avenues open, one sweet, and one oniony.

Earlier this month, you may have heard the sighs of relief rising from every corner of Japan as McDonald’s announced it was resuming sales of medium and large-size orders of French fries. Coming at the end of a month of fry rationing, many hoped that this was the fried-golden light at the end of the tunnel that they’d been waiting for…but instead, it’s turned out to be just a brief moment of normalcy before yet another announcement of French fry austerity measures.

This time it’s not McDonald’s Japan with sad news for customers, but its Japan-founded, southern California-inspired rival Mos Burger. On February 9, just two days after McDonald’s resumed regular fry sales, Mos announced that as of February 10 it’s suspending sales of both small and large-size French fry side orders, and since Mos doesn’t offer a regular-size, this means you can’t order any French fry side orders whatsoever. Sales of Mos’ “potato drink sets” and variety packs, which also include French fries, have also been suspended.

▼ We miss you already…

The reason for the decision is hampered supply lines and a lack of potatoes. According to its website, Mos imports the potatoes used in its fries from Canada and the U.S., and the company is citing ongoing complications from the coronavirus pandemic and inclement weather as the problems it’s dealing with. These were the same issues McDonald’s was grappling with, but apparently the Mos began to feel the effects later and/or has been less speedy in sorting out a solution.

There are, however, still two ways to customers can get their hands on Mos Burger’s French fries. One is through its “onipote,” a side order of mixed onion rings and French fries which was already a hero to indecisive diners.

And in a show of sweet kindness, fries will also still be available as part of Mos’ Waiwai Sets, which is what it calls its kids meals. That feels like the right priority, because having to go without French fries is a psychological strain far too intense to impose on young minds.

▼ Sales of WaiWai Sets and onipote side orders will be limited to in-person (i.e. not online) orders only.

Mos says it expects its fry rationing to continue until the middle of March, so odds are the Ministop convenience store chain is going to be seeing continued demand for its Bucket Potato for the next month or so.

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