As we recently reported, McDonald’s has made the crushing decision to end the sale of its medium and large size fries. The controversial decision was made due to fears of a potato shortage, meaning that the days of gleefully ordering obnoxiously large amounts of fries with reckless abandon are now well and truly over. The potato cull prompted several Twitter users to head to McDonald’s for one last order of M and L size greasy, salty fries, in order to document their “last meal” for posterity.

▲ One of these is L-size (no, seriously! lol) Decided to order ’em for the last time… strangely dissatisfied!

▲ Enjoying L-size fries for the LAST TIME!

▲ Buying an obnoxious amount of fries for the first and LAST time!

The last-minute frenzied fry-purchasing might be prompted by a widespread fear that soon, S-size fries will be limited to one bag per customer. Once that happens, french fry feeding frenzies will be a thing of the past in Japan, meaning that the only opportunities to gorge oneself on mass amounts of McDonald’s potato carbs will have to be found overseas, perhaps by hopping over to Korea?

▼ These Korean kids have got fries for days!


We’re glad that the curtailing of everyone’s french fry fun isn’t leading to social disruption and mass lootings of McDonald’s stores. In fact, folks in Japan seem to be taking the new measures in stride.

▼ Panic-buying seems redundant when you’ve already eaten more fries than the human stomach should be able to safely hold.


Farewell, fries!

Source: Yukawanet
Main Image: Wikimedia Commons © Antonio Fucito