Who needs a gold medal when there’s a serving of gold fries up for grabs?

Starting today, McDonald’s Japan will begin a special photography campaign designed to bring attention to one of the most popular items on its menu: the McFry Potato; or as we know them: McDonald’s Fries. The new #ポテ撮り (#potetori) campaign literally translates to “#potato-taking” campaign, and plays on the word “tori” (“to take”), which can mean both the taking of an item, such as a chip, and the taking of a photograph, as it does here with the kanji “撮”. As the name suggests, photo-taking is central to the promotion, which calls for customers to replace a serving of fries with more unusual items resembling long, yellow potato chips, by using a special app that adds a ready-made McDonald’s fries carton into the frame.

▼ Some of the humorous “fries” that can be created with the app include a fistful of bright yellow umbrellas.


▼ Customers are already showing their creative flair, with ideas that include the time display from an alarm clock…

▼ The long mane of a Shiki the Golden Lion figurine from the popular One Piece series.

▼ And Naruto’s iconic spiky hairdo.


To take part in the competition, simply access the app from your phone after downloading and aim it any item that reminds you of the fast food chain’s golden fries. Once the red packaging is in place, snap a photo, add an effect from the selection of filters, and then share the image on Twitter with the hashtag #ポテ撮り.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 12.35.53 AM

This will give you an entry into a lottery to win a special “Gold McFry Potato”. Adding to the excitement of the competition, McDonald’s have released this enticing image with no further details regarding the size of the prize nor whether the fries will be individually coated or edible. While the mind boggles, the finger pushes, regardless, to get more entries into the competition for a chance to win.


As an added bonus, both large and medium-sized fries will be available at a discounted price of 190 yen (US$1.74) at McDonald’s outlets around the country during the campaign period. The competition runs until 11:59 p.m. JST on 7 June. Get snapping!

Source, Images: McDonald’s Japan