Japanese YouTuber proves that it’s possible to be beautiful and have a long tongue at the same time.

25-year-old Michaela Wako Sato has an impressive resume. Formerly a member of idol group Idoling!!! until the unit disbanded in 2015, Michaela went on to have roles in a number of TV shows, as well as become a fairly popular YouTuber, with over 99,000 subscribers.

Michaela’s videos cover the usual stuff found on YouTube — funny skits, reviews of things she’s bought — but her most popular uploads involve a particular feature of hers — her tongue.

▼ Her most popular video, “You Can Do All Of These If Your Tongue Is Long” currently sits at nearly 3 million views

According to reports, Michaela’s tongue is a lengthy 9.9 centimeters (3.8 inches), which is just a fraction shorter than the current world record of 10.1 centimeters, held by the USA’s Nick Stoeberl. However, Michaela’s tongue might be the longest female tongue in the world, as the current record holder — the USA’s Chanel Tapper — has a tongue that is 9.75 centimeters in length.

While Michaela’s lengthy tongue hasn’t been officially measured, many are calling it ‘the Longest Tongue in Japan‘.

▼ One of her more popular videos, titled “My tongue is so long that if I rest it on a bed of rice, it looks like tuna sushi“.

Unsurprisingly, netizens had a lot of… unsavoury things to say about Michaela and her tongue. We’ve filtered through and found the ‘safe for work’ comments below, although the cleaner comments were few and far between.

“I imagine it’d be difficult for her to eat food.”
“It’s interesting that she’s so popular because of her long tongue. If it were a male YouTuber with a long tongue, his views would be a lot lower.”
“Now I feel like eating cow tongue.”
“I thought my tongue was long, but it’s nowhere close to hers.”
“The odds of being born both beautiful and with a long tongue are like a million to one.”

While Michaela’s tongue hasn’t been declared the longest just yet, she wouldn’t be the first Japanese idol to be granted a World Record — Kanna Hashimoto was granted the prestigious title of ‘Fastest Tissue Grabber in the World‘ earlier this year.

Source: YouTube@佐藤ミケーラ倭子 via Kinisoku
Images: YouTube@佐藤ミケーラ倭子
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