Got cat tongue? Tongue tip training tip claims to help you drink the hottest of liquids

Japan has a zillion proverbs involving cats, probably because cats are awesome and add flavour and colour to everything in life. One such proverb is “nekojita” which literally means “cat tongue” and describes people who are unable to handle hot drinks and liquids making contact with their precious pink taste buds.

It’s pretty easy to see where the proverb came from – offer anything hot and edible to a cat and watch the look of horror on their face. But did you cat-tongued-people know that there’s a secret method you can use to train yourself to slurp the hottest of liquids with grace and ease?

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God of the Tongue Merchandise on Sale for a Limited Time

Comedian Ijily Okada is known for his behind the set antics on TV shows in Japan.  When an idol makes an appearance we often find Ijily in their dressing rooms or homes licking their belonging. But licking is an understatement, for Ijily possess a superhuman tongue flicking ability.  He can flick his tongue up and down faster than mere mortals and for that has earned the title, “God of the Tongue.”

Starting this week for a limited time at Village Vanguard, the shop that specializes in random, you can pick up some limited edition Ijily Okada merchandise and creep out pretty girls 24/7.

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