Sir, this is a place for Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh, not beer and shochu.

Playing collectible trading card games is a hobby that feels decidedly quaint. In this modern era, where there are more intricately detailed video games, CG-filled action blockbusters, and other sensory-stuffed entertainment media than any one person could ever consume, there’s an undeniable wholesomeness to the concept of  people coming together with other enthusiasts to have fun using their imaginations while they play a game with little pieces of paper.

And yet, some people have been spoiling that mood at a card shop in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood, and the store, called Beems, felt the need to send a manners reminder from its official Twitter account.

So what’s the problem? It seems some visitors are failing to observe proper beverage etiquette and getting liquored up while inside the store.

“A request to our customers,” the reminder begins, “As we have mentioned before, the drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the duel space,” referring to the section of the store’s interior with tables where customers can play games with each other. “However, please also refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages while looking at the product showcases [in the rest of the shop].”

The notice goes on clarify that even for non-booze beverages, only those in plastic bottles with resealable caps are allowed, as spillable liquids and collectible cards are a tragedy waiting to happen. Food of any kind is also not allowed. The tweet then closes with a reiteration that masks are required while in the shop, and asks customers who disagree with the rule to exercise control by not yelling at the staff or punching the walls when told they need to put one on.

Needless to say, cracking beers and throwing punches are far from normal behavior at card shops, and other Twitter users have reacted with sympathy for Beems and disappointment with those who need to be told not to do such things in the first place.

“If you wanna get drunk, take your butt to a bar, not a card shop.”
“What kind of an adult thinks it’s OK to drink beer while they’re shopping in a store?”
“Maybe they’re trying to stay loyal to the source-material villains in Yu-Gi-Oh?”
“People like that are so removed from any sort of common sense. It’s such a pain to have to deal with them.”
“Punching the wall is property damage, so you should call the cops on them.”
“Do these guys realize they’re in Akihabara, and not the city from Final Fight?”

▼ Where’s Mike Haggar when you need him?

It should be noted that these ill-mannered ruffians appear to be the exception to Beems’ otherwise cordial and polite clientele. One day after sending out the “no booze” tweet, the shop also shared the above photo from an 11-player Pokémon tournament that looks to have been good clean fun for all involved, so hopefully any would-be trouble-causers have gotten the message.

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Source: Twitter/@beems_cardshop via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso
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