The top one has almost as many calories as a Yoshinoya meal, but yes, we still plan to drink as many as we can.

Starbucks Japan releases a new Frappuccino every couple of weeks, but they’ve really outdone themselves this summer by coming out with a whopping 47 new flavors at once! Why 47? Because that’s the number of prefectures in Japan, and each new drink in the 47 Jimoto Frappuccino (jimoto meaning “local”) series is available exclusively in the prefecture it represents.

We’ve talked about a few of the region-specific flavors, and even tried a couple for ourselves, but we haven’t gone through the full lineup just yet. We’re fixing that problem today by looking at the complete list, and at the same time we’ll be taking a look at their calorie counts. Not that that’ll stop us from drinking as many as we can, of course, just so that we can calculate how much time we want to spend in the gym to work off those delicious dessert drinks.

OK let’s get started, starting at the lowest calorie Jimoto Frappuccino and working our way up (and by the way, the number seen in each photo is simply the order in which the flavors were revealed, not it’s calorie or deliciousness ranking).

47. Toyama Prefecture: Like a Whole Watermelon Frappuccino (211 calories)

46. Yamagata: We Love Ya, Pears (294 calories)

45. Gunma: Yogurt Mango (295 calories)

44. Oita: Exciting Kabosu Citrus Tea (296 calories)

43. Saitama: Colorful Strawberry and Citrus (305 calories)

42. Shizuoka: Packed with Mandarin Orange (311 calories)

41. Wakayama: Take me With You Mandarin Orange Citrus (322 calories)

40. Ehime: Amazing Kiwifruit (323 calories)

39. Saga: Chocolate with a Little Sugary Crunch (327 calories)

38. Fukushima: Colorful Fruits Bunch (343 calories)

37. Kagawa: Matcha with Wasanbon Fine-Grain Japanese Sugar (344 calories)

36. Miyazaki: Giant Shining Hyuganatsu Citrus (345 calories)

35. Tochigi: Lightning Tingle Chocolate (348 calories)

34. Nagasaki: Castella Coffee Cream (353 calories)

33. Kanagawa: Summer Blue Cream (364 calories)

32. Okayama: Awesome Fruit Sunshine (367 calories)

31. Nara: Hojicha White Chocolate (369 calories)

30. Shiga: Biwa Blue Citrus Cream (370 calories)

29. Chiba: Mitarashi Dango Dumpling Coffee Cream (372 calories)

28. Nagano: Smooth Butter Apple Caramel (373 calories)

27. Kumamoto: Crunchy Pie Biscuit and Chocolate (374 calories)

26. Tokushima: Juicy Sudachi Citrus (377 calories)

25. Kochi: Ginger Citrus (378 calories)

24. Tokyo: Olympic Coffee Jelly and Caramel (385 calories)

23. Hiroshima: Setouchi Lemon and Citrus (386 calories)

22. Fukuoka: Yamecha Green Tea (391 calories)

21. Gifu: Matcha Coffee Jelly (398 calories)

20. Yamanashi: Grape and White Chocolate Cream (403 calories)

18 (tie). Akita: Sweet and Salty Caramel (404 calories)

18 (tie). Okinawa: Chinsuko Cookie with Vanilla and Caramel (404 calories)

17. Kagoshima: Kuromitsu Cream (406 calories)

16. Mie: Isecha Green Tea and Citrus (407 calories)

15. Ishikawa: Stemmed Hojicha Tea (414 calories)

14. Kyoto: Matcha Kinako Roasted Soybean Powder (415 calories)

13. Osaka: Super Fruit Cream (419 calories)

12. Aomori: Apple Strawberry (423 calories)

10 (tie). Miyagi: Zunda Matcha (425 calories)

10 (tie). Fukui: Puffed Rice and Matcha (425 calories)

9. Niigata: Kakinotane Rice Crackers and Chocolate (430 calories)

8. Yamaguchi: Black Sesame (436 calories)

7. Shimane: Fortuitous Meeting of Creamy Matcha and Coffee (481 calories)

6. Tottori: Creamy Caramel (490 calories)

5. Hokkaido: Creamy Corn (499 calories)

4. Iwate: Matcha and Black Sesame (515 calories)

3. Aichi: Anko Sweet Red Bean and Coffee (547 calories)

2. Hyogo: Creamy Mature Chocolate Bar (600 calories)

1. Ibaraki: Creamy Melon (625 calories)

In the end, it’s not chocolate, but melon that packs the biggest calorie punch. At 625 calories, Ibaraki’s Creamy Melon Jimoto Frappuccino has almost as many as a regular-size beef bowl at Yoshinoya, which has 635. But hey, Frappuccinos are essentially milkshakes with more ice, so they’ve always been a bit of an indulgence, and with this many delicious-sounding flavors, we’re sure we can find room in our calorie budget for a few more before summer’s done.

Sources: Starbucks (1, 2), Yoshinoya
Images: Starbucks
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