Whether you know the game or not, this is pretty hilarious.

Japan has a ton of different card games, so many that there’s even trading cards based on aquarium creatures and manhole covers.

While the best game is going to depend on every person’s individual tastes, Duel Masters has consistently been one of the most popular throughout the country and is still played almost two decades after it was first released.

▼ As long as packs are being cracked, and new-card smell wafts in the air, the game is alive.

But today, one oddly specific Duel Masters card finally gets its time in the sun. Or, perhaps, in the wind and rain.

“Apparently someone used this card because ‘if you’re gonna use it,
use it today’ and they got through a tournament lol.
Good luck!”


Here’s the English translation of the card in question, with the most important line being the last one (underlined):

Kushala Daora, Steel Dragon

  • Double breaker
  • Whenever this creature attacks, choose one of your opponent’s creatures and tap it. That creature doesn’t untap at the start of your opponent’s next turn.
  • When your opponent would choose a creature, if there is a storm alert in the region where you are in, he can’t choose this one.

Yep, that’s right. The official wording on the card says that if you’re playing this card in a place where there’s a storm alert, then your opponents can’t can’t use removal or whatever other meddling cards that they’d want to on good old Kushala Daora.

There are even official rulings on how to use the card:

  • Q: What specific wind warnings are included?
    • A: Any alarms or warnings including wind.
  • Q: What is included in “the region you are in?”
    • A: Please check warnings by your city/town/village.

▼ It’s kind of like Birthday Pikachu, except legal to actually play with.

Of course, in order to take advantage of that strange rules text, you’d have to brave the storm out to a tournament in the first place. And no one would be crazy enough to leave the safety of their home to do that. Right?


“I went 5-0 then lost to make top 16. It felt dangerous to go out today when Kushala Daora’s ability is active. I’m going home on my bike now. I’ll do my best to stay safe.”

You can see the card in their deck, right there in the bottom right. Making top 16 isn’t quite winning the tournament, but it’s a decent accomplishment, especially when using such a once-in-a-lifetime card.

But going out in such dangerous weather is certainly not advised, especially not for what is essentially a joke. Even the poster’s comments didn’t seem thrilled about their situation. Please always do your best to stay safe in severe weather, and don’t risk life and limb for memes.

Even the official rules/tips page for the card reinforces this:

  • Most of the time if there’s a storm in a region, all the championships there will be canceled, so the ‘unchoosable’ ability is basically nonexistent.
  • Just evacuate if there’s a serious storm (such as a hurricane or a very strong typhoon) in your region when you are dueling.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to seeing the card in action:

“That third ability is hilarious.”
“Uh, no, you should be running away when there’s a warning, not running to a tournament.”
“Well that’s one way to get some good out of the current situation.”
“Buy your copies of the card now before it jumps in price!”
“That looks like a made-up card come to life.”

It is pretty hard to believe that the card is real. But is it any harder to believe than how much some collector’s Pokémon cards are worth?

Source: Twitter@ZweiLance via My Game News Flash, Duel Masters Wiki
Featured image: Twitter/@ritsumei_DM
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