Dog version also available.

Kanagawa Prefecture, Tokyo’s neighbor to the south, is home to 9.2 million people, just about all of whom have a form of ID. It may be a driver’s license, a student ID, or a resident card, but there’s some sort of document that says “This is who I am.”

And as of  this month, Kanagawa’s cats can get ID cards too. Thanks to a partnership between the Kanagawa Prefectural government and pet-related media company Peco, you can create a Cat Resident card for your cat through Peco’s website.

In addition to your feline friend’s name and photo, the card bears the cat’s birth date and sex, plus the names of its family members (i.e. you and any other human members of your household). There are also optional lines for any special tricks or abilities the cat has, and well as his or her personal motto (in the case Fukunosuke above, those are mastery of the “Cat Punch and Cat Kick combo attack” and “Good things come to those who wait,” respectively).

Oh, and Peco also offers Dog Resident cards.

The cards are digital only, perhaps because cats and dogs remain reluctant to carry wallets or physical card holders. However, you can store the image on your phone or PC, and while the document is not legally binding, the registration is retained by Peco, which could prove helpful if you ever need proof of an existing relationship should your cat become lost. A step above that, though, would be installing a tracking chip in your pet, a service Peco offers, since the cat and dog resident cards also allow you to register the corresponding microchip number.

Both the cat and dog digital resident cards can be made online, free of charge, here.

Source: Kanagawa Prefecture, Peco via Japaaan
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert images: Kanagawa Prefecture, Peco
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