Studio Ghibli celebrates Mother’s Day with special Totoro flower deliveries

Kiki’s Delivery Service comes along for the ride too. 

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New Studio Ghibli collection includes a US$2,450 wooden Totoro 【Video】

When the worlds of traditional Japan and Japanese anime collide.

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo unveils sakura goods and cherry blossom interior for hanami 2023

A more upmarket Starbucks sakura experience. 

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Sumo salt shaker steals the show in new range of Japanese wrestler goods

Add ceremonial salt to your fries, fight in the ring on a pouch, and watch a wrestler grow in your water glass. 

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Studio Ghibli fukubukuro: The lucky bag everyone in Japan wants to get their hands on at New Year

Anime merchandise haul comes with a few unusual surprises.

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Final Fantasy XIV x Isetan collection includes moogle soap, job bracelets, and crystal candy

Square Enix MMORPG collaborates with Tokyo department store and international brands for fashion and food items.

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Have a Super Mario Summer with Nintendo’s newest line of outdoor leisure products

Spruce up your at-home camping with these awesome Mario goods!

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Rotating Inuyasha Anime Art Exhibition to open in five Japanese cities beginning next month

You might need to “sit” for this one–indulge in the nostalgia and buy up the exclusive character goods at this limited-time art appreciation event.

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Pokémon teams up with clothing brand Milkfed for cute lineup of Ponyta goods

Psychic-type Galarian Ponyta shines in this whimsical collaboration series.

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Enjoy some slime tea time with the Dragon Quest kyusu teapot from the Square Enix e-Shop【Photos】

Disclaimer: This teapot will not make your tea taste like slime or otherwise imbue it with evil energies.

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Japanese movie promos are the best! Twitter shows off the most enticing anime movie freebies

Japan gives moviegoers some pretty cool reasons to watch movies in the cinema.

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The cutest Rilakkuma toy will make you squee for cuteness and hunger

The most relaxed bear in the world and his family make adorable goods.

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Official Pokémon Red and Blue sprite goods let you relive the past in pixelated style

Celebrate 20 years of catching ’em all with Pokémon Center Japan’s new line of throwback goods.

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Yo-Kai Watch debuts abroad: characters get name changes but songs retain their epic nature【Video】

Level-5, the game developer behind hits such as Ni no Kuni, Professor Layton and the mega-popular Yo-Kai Watch, are no strangers to success. They’ve even turned their mega-hit Yo-Kai Watch into an ongoing 90-episode anime series. Since then, the popularity of the show, the game and the characters has really risen, especially Jibanyan, who has surpassed Pikachu in popularity. It was only a matter of time before this huge hit would dip a toe into international waters, and on Disney XD it finally happened.

A TV show about spirits based on Japanese folklore would probably have needed a few adjustments when screened for a Western audience, so we were wondering, what did they decide to name their main character in the English version?

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Liquid-filled Disney iPhone cases give us another reason to play with our phones

What do you get if you cross Disney, an iPhone, and a snowglobe? These new liquid-filled Disney iPhone cases, of course!

Not only are these things functional (preventing your precious phone from getting scratched) they’re also a source of constant fun as you can flip the phone upside-down and watch all the characters float around on the back.

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Kawaii kitchenware alert! Create cute kitty cookies with this awesome rolling-pin!

Recently we’ve been going crazy over kitty kitchen cookware, like the adorable kitty knife we featured a little while back. But our quest for kittycat-themed culinary goods is still ongoing, and this amazing kitty rolling-pin by Etsy seller Mood For Wood has got us seriously craving some freshly baked cookies, pronto!

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Japan’s newest models are all about their busts: Classical statues reimagined as fashion idols

From hyperactive pear fairies to gross mushrooms, it seems that Japanese consumers have an appreciation for the unusual. Of course, it can be hard to predict exactly what will win hearts and minds, but that won’t stop people from trying to kickstart the newest craze.

Kadokawa, a publishing company among other things, Zarigani Works, a toy and merchandise production company, and Holbein, an arts materials company, have teamed up to turn classical statues into the latest hot items. They still haven’t revealed all the items they’ll be producing and it remains to be seen just how many people actually want products with Hermes’s statuesque face emblazoned on it, but you can’t blame them for trying!

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Cuddly Sega Mega Drive plushie, Dreamcast hoodies and more on sale at this year’s Tokyo Game Show

If you’re an old-school Sega fan (and, let’s be honest, old-school Sega is pretty much the only Sega that counts any more) then you won’t want to miss this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Due to go on sale in Japan next month, this insanely cute Sega Mega Drive plushie and a number of other Sega-themed goods ranging from mugs to hooded sweatshirts will be available to buy early at the game-tastic convention next week.

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Alice in Wonderland shop in Nagoya, another opening in Osaka this week!  

What if we told you to follow the white rabbit? Would you have the knee-jerk reaction of “hell no!” or would you pull a Neo and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes? If you find yourself in Nagoya or Osaka, following the white rabbit might actually lead you to Wonderland! Tons of shoppers have been doing just that and have been arriving at a store called Alice on Wednesday. The store has been so popular that on the weekends, long lines form in front of the shop, letting you know exactly where the rabbit hole is.

What will you find in Alice’s Wonderland? What makes the store so popular that they are opening a new location in Osaka? You won’t have to take the red pill to find out, just click on through!

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Sanrio’s Evangelion line-up keeps getting cuter and cuter

Yes, you read that correctly. Sanrio has a line of Evangelion merchandise. Naturally, it’s all adorable.

Called “Eva Micro Macro,” the line was announced late last year, and already includes smartphone cases, with t-shirts to come in April 2014.

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