Channel your inner rikishi with a head-turning new fashion accessory.

These days, we’re all looking to add a touch more joy to our lives, and Japanese company Felissimo has long been using the power of humour to do just that, through its “You + More” sub-brand, which sounds similar to “Humour“.

Over the years, You + More has been making us smile with jellyfish-inspired umbrellas and ramen noodle towels, and now our smiles are set to widen even further, with the addition of a new product called the “Akogare no Ooichoo-fuu Hea ga Kanau Rikishi Narikiri Hea Bando“, which translates to “Longed-for Top Knot-Style Hair Comes True Wrestler Impersonator Hair Band“.

▼ Yep, that name pretty much sums it up. 

This new hairband lets you channel your inner sumo wrestler with a realistic-looking top knot, complete with carefully placed white highlights to add shine to areas and give it a rounded, full, 3-D look.

▼ Made from cotton, the hair band is elasticised for comfort.

As most of us wouldn’t have the courage to wear such an eye-catching headpiece outdoors, the hair band is designed to be used at home, for those times when you need to keep your hair out of your face.

▼ Like during your skin-cleansing routine.

You can also wear it during post-bath downtimes, or when lounging around the house. Be careful when wearing it during mealtimes, though, or else you might find yourself eating giant portions like a sumo wrestler too.

The hairband can be purchased online for 2,090 yen (US$15.25), and if you’d like to add more sumo items to your home to match your hairband, you can always invest in You + More’s other humorous sumo products, like the salt-shaker that adds ceremonial salt to your fries!

Source, images: Felissimo 
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