The future of vintage clothing is here!

When you think of vintage clothing, cutting-edge AR tech doesn’t often come to mind. However, thanks to the prolonged pandemic, businesses like them that often rely on foot traffic have had to find new ways to adapt, and that’s just what Showa Vintage Clothing Store SU-MIX in Tokyo did, recently opening the Showa Vintage Clothing Other Dimension Store online.

Online fashion retail is hardly anything new, but what makes this store unique is the virtual showroom that users can seamlessly walk around in on their PC or smart device browser without any added apps. This allows shoppers to really get a sense of how the clothes look in 3-D and examine them in ways that are impossible with ordinary photographs.

▼ Some of the 3-D models used in the showroom

The outfits were scanned by the wizards at Steampunk Digital in Fukuoka Prefecture, who specialize in highly accurate 3-D modelling of real-world objects using their own Monocle Prime scanning technology. Not only is the scale extremely precise so that you can see exactly how frilly a shirt is, but the level of detail is so crisp that potential buyers can examine the real stitching and even get a good sense of the texture just by looking at these digitizations.

This is essential too since all the luxury clothing in this store was personally sewn by experts during the Showa Era in Japan between 1945 and 1965. Understanding and observing the fine details in design are crucial in appreciating the level of craftsmanship in each piece.

Of course, each digital model has an icon that links users directly to further information and real photographs for the best of both worlds. There is also a box connecting users to customer support during business hours, which is always standing by in the top corner.

▼ Customer support is offered through an avatar of the shop’s mannequin mascot Machiko

Browsing the store is easy, thanks to simple video-game-like controls that allow you move around the showroom freely. The information links on each item will also take users directly to the Showa Vintage site, where the items can be conveniently purchased and shipped to your home.

The truly impressive aspect of this virtual store is how easy it is to load up and use on pretty much any device. Much like their AR tableware shopping system that lets you see how a traditionally crafted Japanese dish would look on your own dining table, these online shopping platforms are so effective and convenient it’s genuinely surprising that more retailers haven’t already taken advantage of it by now.

▼ Come on Amazon, give these guys a call already

Also, those more interested in the technical aspects of how these stores are made, ought to check out the Steampunk Digital website. They’re currently holding international VR competitions between Japan, the US, and Canada where virtual designers can meet up, discuss ideas, and show off their creations to win prizes.

It sounds like a great meeting of the minds, and who knows? Maybe a new level in online vintage-book shopping technology will be born from it.

Source: Showa Vintage Clothing Other Dimension Store, Showa Vintage Clothing Store SU-MIX, Steampunk Digital
Images: Steampunk Digital
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