Showa Era

Perfectly recreated 1960s Japanese apartment lets museum visitors go back to mid-Showa era【Pics】

Matsudo Museum recreates Tokiwadaira Danchi, and a day in the life of old-school Japan.

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Rune Naito, the man who pioneered concept of ‘kawaii’, to have 90th anniversary art exhibition

The artist said to have created the kawaii aesthetic will feature in an exhibition celebrating his 90th birthday.

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Japanese gacha machine sells nostalgic super tiny books, and we tried it out

Read some tiny flashbacks from the Showa Era!

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Japan’s most state-of-the-art vintage Showa clothing shop opens online

The future of vintage clothing is here!

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What does Showa-era curry taste like? We try making some with an old-timey roux

Our Japanese-language reporter had no idea what to expect.

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Japanese elementary school “randoseru” bag brand creates Showa-inspired line for adults

A fashionable way to relive the good old Showa days.

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Time travelling online survey gets Japanese people nostalgic for their youth

“I’d go back in time and give my life a do-over,” one participant said.

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This classic Japanese candy shop is a trove of nostalgic treats, sends us into the past【Photos】

We found a candy store/Showa-era time capsule in Fukuoka, and took lots of photos of its old-timey delights!

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We treat ourselves to overnight 100-yen curlers from Daiso: are they worth looking this goofy?

SoraNews24 sends our thrifty reporter to test a set of sponge curlers, so he looks like an old-timey housewife. And that’s before he takes them out.

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Weapons, drugs and racism among 15 things a minor could buy in Showa Japan

History in Japan is divided into the eras over which certain emperors reign. For example, now we are in the 27th year of the Heisei Era under Emperor Akihito. Before 1989, Japan was in the Showa Era, which began in late 1926.

Japan went through a series of major social changes during this period, which runs right through World War II and the saw the growth of the bubble economy. Fans of history are probably familiar with the political and business aspects of these changes, but not as much is seen of daily life in Japan during this tumultuous time.

So, here’s a little look at what things were like back then in a list of 15 things that a child could purchase during the Showa Period. Cue the Breaking Bad steel guitar riff.

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These posters from the Taisho and Showa Eras are simply gorgeous!

If we could have a genie grant only one wish, it would likely be for a time machine. Even going back a mere 100 years would be fascinating, but, alas, genies aren’t real. Or, if they are, the world governments are keeping them tightly under wraps.

Fortunately, we don’t need time machines to sneak peeks back in time–all we need are some awesome, full-color posters. And these 17 posters are the next best thing to finding Doc Brown waiting outside with a revving DeLorean!

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