I don’t even play a wind instrument and want this.

With the widespread use of smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and all other sorts of devices, it’s not crazy to assume the days of the humble mouse as the go-to computing interface might be numbered. It’s a shame because even though there’s been countless innovations in mouse-pad design, we never really fully explored the possibilities of what could be done with a mouse itself.

Luckily, however, there’s still time, and Japanese instrument maker Yamaha has come up with a doozy. Behold, the Yamaha mouse!

From pianos to tubas, Yamaha is certainly a name you can trust in musical instrument design and now they’ve lent this expertise and elegance to a computer mouse. As the Instagram post points out, this mouse was designed in collaboration with the other famous Yamaha, Yamaha Motor, in what they call the “Two Yamahas One Passion” project.

Although originally a musical instrument manufacturer, Yamaha branched out into motorcycles after World War II. That division has since become an independent corporation called Yamaha Motor, but the original Yamaha Corporation still retains a large number of shares in it. So, in a way, even though they are distinct companies, they still have a close bond and can clearly do wonderful things when working together.

It’s apparently designed in such a way that the flow of electricity through the wiring which operates the mouse can be seen by the brass tubing much in the way that the flow of air through trumpet can be gleaned just by looking at its various passageways.

Even without that neat aspect to the layout, it’s just a really great design with a nice touch of steampunk class to it. Those who laid eyes on this piece of work were also charmed by it.

“Cool! Please sell it!”
“Oh and the batteries fit in those three piston valves! Awesome!”
“I would absolutely buy this, no questions asked.”
“I want this! Please, sell it in Taiwan.”
“This is too cool. I want this so bad!”
“Sell it now!”
“It would go great with one of those old-times typewriter keyboards.”
“I wonder how it sounds.”

Unfortunately, like many of the comments mentioned, this is not a product currently for sale. It’s simply a concept design showing the partnership between Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor. Actually, for those more into bikes than bassoons they also made a mouse with a motorcycle aesthetic.

With this one also receiving rave reviews, and an overwhelming feedback showing a huge demand for mouses like these in general, Yamaha and Yamaha would have to be crazy to not consider putting them out for sale. Even if the price tag is steep, there’s still plenty of people willing to overlook it for a mouse of this caliber.

It just goes to show that for whatever reason, brass instruments and technology always seem to make wonderful music together.

Source: Instagram/@yamahadesignlab, Hachima Kiki
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