Yamaha designed a brass mouse, and it’s a thing of beauty

I don’t even play a wind instrument and want this.

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Japanese “living doll” model Matt stars in commercial alongside actual doll family, The Fuccons

We can’t think of a model who’d be more on-model to model this model of PC, alongside these many other models.

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Squeezable cat paw PC mouse is ready to give office workers a cute, mid-shift pick-me-up

Playing cat and mouse at work has never been so adorable.

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Lotteria to give away another life-size tower burger gadget — this time a mouse!

Although it’s been some years since the Tower Burger made its first appearance at Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria, it seems the sheer visual impact of the massive hamburger still manages to captivate the Japanese public every time it goes on sale. We have to admit, the five-patty hamburger does make for quite an impressive sight, after all.

Now, Lotteria has once again come up with a full-scale recreation of the impressive burger … this time as a computer mouse! And they’ll be giving it away to one lucky winner in their “Life-size Tower Cheeseburger Mouse Giveaway Campaign” that’s currently on way. That’s right, there’s going to be only one winner, so we know the competition is going to be fierce!

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How dirty is your mind? Guess what this is for!

Go on, take a wild guess. What is the kit above used for? More tellingly, do you know how to use these items yourself? Are you an experienced user, a semi-pro, or do you just like to watch others use them?

The object on the upper left features a beautifully rounded tip and a convenient finger grip for when you need to give it some extra oomph. The vial of clear fluid on the right may help you to achieve your, er, goal more smoothly. Then we have what appears to be a packet of wipes to mop up with. These days, these things are not common, but ten years ago they were used frequently. Most likely, your parents used them. But what did they use them for, exactly…?

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