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Yamaha designed a brass mouse, and it’s a thing of beauty

I don’t even play a wind instrument and want this.

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We buy a beginner’s guitar from discount retailer 3 Coins, ask THAT guitar expert if it’s any good

Seiji and the spirit of Yngwie Malmsteen give their opinion on the discount store’s “guitar for those starting to play the guitar”!

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Otodasu, a special booth so Japanese musicians can practice without angering their neighbors

Even the tuba or the bagpipes!

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Japanese netizens entranced by creepy musical instrument that produces nightmarish sounds

This thing might be the biggest reason why horror movies are so scary.

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One-of-a-kind Ultraman violin to be sold this November

Coming to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Theater Concert Hall on 2 November is the Ultraman Symphony Concert 2015. At this event music from the high-culture tokusatsu masterpieces of Ultraman and related shows will be performed by a full orchestra.

It’s sure to be a luminous evening of sci-fi splendor, but to mark the occasion a single Ultra Violin, the only official Ultraman violin in existence, will be sold to one lucky buyer.

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