Two designs show that wheelchairs can be as beautiful as exotic cars or designer footwear.

While aesthetics aren’t the sole deciding factor, most people choose the car they drive or the shoes they wear at least partially based on how they look. It’s why auto manufacturers and shoe makers have designers not just working towards practical goals such as durability or cost control, but also towards making sure their products can elicit an emotional response through their visual appeal.

So it only makes sense that the same should hold true for other modes of personal conveyance, such as wheelchairs.

Called the 02GEN, this beautiful electric-assist wheelchair was created by Yamaha. If you only know of the Shizuoka-based corporation as a maker of musical instruments or motorcycles, that may come as a surprise, but the company has long been involved in a diverse range of fields.

While the 02GEN concept was originally unveiled in late 2014, it’s recently found itself back in the spotlight thanks to Japanese Twitter users sharing photos of it and gushing over how, when viewed from behind, the chair’s framework gives off the impression of a gorgeous designer wedding dress.

Also getting a fresh batch of admiring attention is the Taurs, a more colorful follow-up to the 02GEN that makes liberal use of metallic pink accents.

Neither the 02GEN nor the Taurs has been made available commercially, and their intricate construction would probably make them prohibitively expensive, and thus arguably a financially unwise move on Yamaha’s part. Still, hopefully some of their elegant design elements will trickle down into the for-sale offerings from Yamaha and other wheelchair manufacturers.

Source: Yamaha via Twitter/@hirota_kei
Images: Yamaha