Why be the tofu delivery driver when you can be the tofu shop?

With its focus on fast cars and white-knuckle street racing, Initial D is an anime series with a built-in appeal to car enthusiasts, an audience outside the typical otaku demographic. So at a recent track day at Aichi Prefecture’s Motor Land Mikawa shown in a video shared by Japanese Twitter user @ryochin86_501sw, there was some Initial D cosplay going on in the parking lot.

But with Initial D being set in the modern, mundane world, how are you supposed to do cosplay for it? The cast of characters doesn’t wear crazy uniforms or outlandish costumes. They just wear regular clothes, and not even particularly distinct styles.

So it would be difficult, if not impossible, for most people to know that you’re cosplaying as Initial D’s above-pictured protagonist, tofu delivery driver-turned-street racer Takumi Fujiwara, or as his father, street racer-turned-tofu shop owner Bunta Fujiwara, So instead of dressing as either of the Fujiwaras, the cosplayer decided to dress up as the Fujiwara Tofu Shop.

▼ The shop as it appears in the manga

Naturally, the cosply/shop-play is motorized, and it even has appropriate musical accompaniment, playing “Rage your dream,” Initial D’s initial ending theme from J-pop band m.o.v.e.

Though it does make you wonder, if the shop itself could move, and Takumi wasn’t doing deliveries, would he ever have developed his god-tier drifting skills?

Source, images: Twitter/@ryochin86_501sw
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