Teen shares three rules his mom raised him with, and “Go study!” wasn’t one of them.

Japanese high school student and Twitter user @hanamiya_KuInfo is just about to start college, and given Japan’s tough entrance exams, you might think he’s spent the last year or two hearing his mom constantly nag him to hit the books. @hanamiya_KuInfo, though, says that she’s hardly ever told him to study.

That’s not to say his mom has been completely hand-off in raising him. In fact, she’s actually quite strict in her own way, as @hanamiya_KuInfo revealed when he shared three rules his mom has made sure he’s followed while growing up.

“My mom used to be a gyaru [a young woman who wears flashy fashions and has an active social life], and she’s hardly ever told me ‘Go study!’

What did she tell me all the time? Things like
● Don’t make a girl walk on the side of the sidewalk next to traffic.
● When you go to a restaurant with a girl, let her sit in the sofa seat.
● If you’re on a date with your girlfriend and its ending late, walk her home to make sure she gets there safe.

Japan isn’t a country where “ladies first” or other differential treatment of the fairer sex is the norm, but mom’s focus on chivalry more than academics resonated with a lot of other Japanese Twitter users, who have showered @hanamiya_KuInfo’s tweet with over 175,000 likes and appreciative comments such as:

“Your mom is absolutely right.”
“No mistakes found.”
“All useful pieces of advice.”
“You have a wonderful mom.”
“She’s raised you to be a gentleman.”

Mixed in with the nods of agreement were a few dissenting opinions that disagreed with the notion of treating women differently/better than men, but @hanamiya_KuInfo himself has no such hang-ups, following up in a later rebuttal tweet with “Don’t you want to make a girl feel happy?”

Oh, and as for the relative lack of academic pressure @hanamiya_KuInfo grew up with? This spring he’s starting classes at Kyoto University, one of the top schools in Japan, so it looks like he’s doing just fine as a self-motivated student.

Source: Twitter/@hanamiya_KuInfo via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso
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