Geopolitics is way more complex than I thought.

At around noon on 30 March, someone in the Aoba Ward of Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, spotted a suspicious person rummaging through a parked minivan and called the police emergency number 110. Officers quickly responded and caught the man while he was still in the apartment complex parking lot and in the process of stealing the vehicle’s navigation system.

The 38-year-old suspect was arrested and questioned by police. During this time he admitted to the attempted theft, telling police, “What Russian President Vladimir Putin did was unforgivable.”

▼ The plot thickens…

Although the Russian leader has certainly been the focus of headlines worldwide, this was certainly a surprising confession by a would-be electronics thief. The owner of the minivan was determined by police to have no connection to Russia nor to the suspect, leaving his condemnation of Putin a bit of a mystery.

Readers of the news were also left puzzled by this person’s seemingly political motivation for stealing a car navigation system and expressed their confusion in the following comments:

“I have never not understood something as much as this.”
“Lol, what does Putin have to do with this?”
“The real weirdos always come out when the weather warms up.”
“Is this like a butterfly effect thing? Russia invades Ukraine and a car navigation system gets stolen in Japan.”
“Putin, how dare you!”
“This guy clearly watches too much TV.”
“I think it’s an indirect manifestation of his anger over the Ukraine invasion. Just like what Will Smith did.”

While it doesn’t seem likely that President Putin will be called to task for this crime, it does raise an interesting question of where police draw the line when looking into matters like this. For example, if he had said something about a neighbor motivating his crime they probably would have looked into it and maybe knocked on a door or two, but a call from the Aoba police department to the Kremlin seems unlikely.

Then again… Maybe that’s exactly what Putin was counting on in order to get his hands on some sweet after-market car accessories.

Source: Kanaloco, Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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