vladimir putin

We buy Vladimir Putin chocolate from the Red Square Russian shop in Tokyo

President Putin chocolate is one of five recommended items you can buy at this specialty food store.

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Buy at least one of these Vladimir Putin calendars from Russia to start your year off right

Putin’s steely gaze will motivate you to work hard all year long!

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Manga book aims to explain Vladimir Putin

Although reportedly popular in his own country, President of Russia Vladimir Putin faces criticism from people in many countries, including Japan.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the comedy stylings of Vladimir Putin 【Video】

Russian President Vladimir Putin shows his playful side by only making a veiled threat against neighboring countries.

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Want to smell like Vladimir Putin? Splash his essence all over yourself【Video】

One of Moscow’s luxury department stores is selling a new fragrance inspired by the leader of Russia. Try it; they swear it’s not going to give you radiation poisoning.

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Prime Minister Abe does super cute shuffle-jog into meeting room, China falls in love【GIF】

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met Russian President Vladimir Putin at the U.N. headquarters in New York on September 28 to discuss advancing negotiations on long-standing territorial disputes between the two countries.

Rather than focusing on politics, however, netizens have been focusing much more on the fact that, having arrived late to the proceedings, Prime Minister Abe performed an adorable little shuffle-jog straight towards the Russian prez. So adorable, in fact, that some Chinese netizens have completely reversed their initial impressions of Prime Minister Abe, and now apparently think he’s the last word in kawaii!

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