”I can’t even comment on such delusion,” says security council deputy chairman, but still recommends ritual disembowelment.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida met with U.S. President Joe Biden at the White House on Friday, where the topics discussed included the war in Ukraine. With Russia’s ongoing military aggression a matter of grave concern to both Japan and the U.S., the two leaders issued a joint statement condemning the invasion of its neighbor, which included:

“We state unequivocally that any use of a nuclear weapon by Russia in Ukraine would be an act of hostility against humanity and unjustifiable in any way. And we will continue to support Ukraine in the face of Russia’s abhorrent attacks on critical infrastructure.”

It’s the sort of firm but politely phrased sentiment one would expect from men involved in such high-level matters of diplomacy. The response from Russian security council deputy chairman Dmitry Medvedev, however, was much more colorful: Kishida should kill himself.

Specifically, Medvedev thinks that Kishida should commit seppuku, ritually disemboweling himself in the manner practiced by samurai during Japan’s feudal era whose shame was so great they concluded that they could never fully atone for their transgressions.

“Tremendously shameful. I can’t even comment on such delusion,” said Medvedev, who had no problem contradicting himself by further commenting. “The only way for [Kishida] to wash off his shame is by committing seppuku at a cabinet meeting,” he asserted, despite the fact that seppuku hasn’t been common for well over 100 years in Japan.

“I am completely ignoring [the statement],” Medvedev continued, “and have not even asked the American president for an apology,” without expanding on whether or not he also feels that Biden should kill himself, or by what method.

Source: Kyodo via Livedoor News via Jin, Kyodo (2), White House
Top image: Pakutaso
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