Anime eatery’s first branch in central Japan offers exclusive food and merch for mecha fans.

Gundam is anime’s most iconic robot, and is such a huge presence in Japanese pop culture that Tokyo is currently on its second real-life, full-scale Gundam statute. So it’s kind of ironic that the two existing Gundam Cafe locations, both in Tokyo, are so tiny.

The first, located near Akihabara Station, predates the otaku restaurant boom, and has a pretty cramped interior. The second, found in the Diver City entertainment complex that the Gundam, statue stands in front of, doesn’t even have tables, as all orders must be to-go.

But this month, there’s finally a more spacious Gundam Cafe opening, and appropriately it’s in a city famous for its love of food and fun, Osaka.

The Gundam Cafe Osaka will be the newest addition to the colorful urban landscape of the Dotonbori neighborhood, already famous for its lively dining scene, colorful restaurant signage, and canal that reflects the neon of the city at night. The facility will accommodate both sit-down diners and to-go orders, and has an extra-extensive menu with over three dozen food and beverage options, some of which are exclusive to the Osaka branch.

▼ Latte art coffee, a mainstay of Japan’s themed restaurants

▼ Tapioca/bubble/pearl tea has been booming in popularity in Japan over the past few months, leading to these cheese cream tapioca milk teas.

▼ The Char Zaku Curry salutes the charismatic antagonist’s custom horned mecha…

▼ …but you can also opt for this mysterious standard Zaku salad/omelet.

▼ Those looking for friendlier robot-themed food can go with the Haro Ham Cutlet.

In addition to food, the building will also have a shop selling Gundam merchandise, such as keychains and a water bottle featuring characters from the anime speaking some of their most famous lines, but reworded into Osaka slang.

The Gundam Cafe Osaka opens on March 20.

Cafe information
Gundam Cafe (Osaka Dotonbori branch) / ガンダムカフェ(大阪道頓堀店)
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Nammba 1-7-10, Namba Izumiya Building 2nd floor
Open 10 a.m.-10:30 p.m.

Source, images: Gundam Cafe Osaka press release
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