And believe it or not the function it’s got a function besides “haunt your nightmares.”

When you hear the words “anime plushie,” your mind probably leaps to images of huggable real-world versions of one of the hundreds of cute mascot characters that serve as the face of Japanese animation franchises. So when you learn there’s a brand-new, high-quality Hunter X Hunter plushie on the way, you might be kind of confused since the long-running, often-on-hiatus series doesn’t have an equivalent to Pikachu, or even Piplup.

What Hunter X Hunter does have, though, is this adorable little guy!

I’m sorry, did I say “adorable?” I mean “terrifying.” Oh, and let’s change “little” to “huge,” since the plushie is 100 centimeters (39 inches) long. And while we’re at it, we should also amend “guy” to “Nen beast.” So, OK take two:

What Hunter X Hunter does have, though, is this terrifying huge Nen beast!

For those who haven’t been following the series, or who have blocked this part from their memories as a mental defense mechanism, this is the Nen beast summoned by exorcist Abengane, whose shape and size is dependent on the nature and power of the curse that he’s seeking to expunge.

OK, so now we know why the plushie is terrifying, but why is it so big? Because it’s also a bag.

While you can put other things inside of it, the Nen beast bag is designed to be able to hold 12 individual manga volumes in Japan’s standard tankobon size.

▼ Reread them over and over as you continue waiting for the first new Hunter X Hunter volume since 2018!

The Abengane’s Nen Beast Bag is being offered through the Premium Bandai online shop here, priced at 6,930 yen (US$56). Pre-orders are open now and run until June 23, with shipping scheduled for August. The item is recommended for age 15 and up, possibly because for anyone younger than that it’ll leave permanent emotional trauma.

Source: Premium Bandai via IT Media
Images: Premium Bandai
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