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Officially licensed furniture also functions as a cushion or massive stuffed animal.

Pikachu may be Pokémon’s king of crowd-pleasing cuteness (and dancing), but that doesn’t mean that the other Pocket Monsters don’t have their own specialties which they do better than anyone else. As you might guess from his name, Snorlax snoozes superiorly to any of his Pokémon brethren, so much so that his slumbering body has functioned as a roadblock in both anime and video game chapters of the hit franchise.

So even though Pikachu is featured on the lion’s share of Pokémon merchandise, when it came time for Bandai to make a Pokémon bed, Snorlax is the one who got the nod as model.

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While it’s technically classified as a cushion, Bandai clearly understands that most people who purchase it are going to at least take a nap on the ample belly of Snorlax, or Kabigon, as he’s called in Japan.

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Snorlax isn’t quite as large as his in-anime/video game version, which means you’re off the hook as far as having to feed him his standard daily intake of 400 kilograms (880 pounds) of food. At 150 centimeters (59 inches) long, though, if you stand him up he’ll still tower over any children you have in the house.

▼ We suppose this means that in addition to being a bed/cushion hybrid, Snorlax is also a gigantic stuffed animal (he’s also apparently 15 apples/five Smurfs tall).

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In addition, Bandai proudly boasts that the cushion is 60 centimeters thick, so that when you inevitably give into the temptation to throw yourself onto it, there’ll be plenty of padding to cushion the impact.

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That last part is important, as it confirms that unlike the similar looking non-licensed Snorlax bed we looked at a while back, which required you to procure and install your own stuffing, Bandai’s version is ready to use right out of the box, and is also a much closer color match to the character’s actual design.

Adorable as this piece of furniture may be, Bandai does have a few points of caution for users to keep in mind. First, as tempting as it may be to recreate such scenes from the anime and game, do not place your Snorlax in the middle of a pedestrian thoroughfare.

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The manufacturer also expressly states that the product does not come bundled with a Poké Flute, and that as a result this Snorlax cannot be woken up by any means. Finally, Bandai accepts no responsibility for users who miss important meetings, exams, or dates because they overslept after deciding to lie down atop Snorlax “just for five minutes.”

The Snorlax bed can be purchased here through the Premium Bandai website for 52,000 yen (US$430), with shipping scheduled for August. Should you decide to order one, don’t forget to let your kids play with it too.

▼ After all, there’s plenty of room.

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Source, images: Premium Bandai (edited by RocketNews24)