Have you ever wanted to refuel like a character from your favourite video game? Well soon you’ll be able to, thanks to the new Capcom Cafe that’s set to open in Saitama Prefecture later this month.

Capcom, the Japanese video game developer and publisher who brought us hugely successful hits like Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Devil May Cry, will be offering exclusive merchandise and tie-in menus to promote various games at their new cafe, and for their opening they’ll be celebrating with meals, sweets and drinks in honour of their next big video game release, Monster Hunter X.

The Capcom Cafe will open at the Aeon Lake Town shopping mall in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture, on November 20. Their first promotion will feature monster displays on the walls and ‘monstrous’ menu items ahead of the 3DS Monster Hunter X launch in Japan on November 28.


While Capcom currently operates a large number of amusement arcades in Japan and one specialty crepe shop in Oita, Kyushu, this is the first time that the gaming giant has developed an entertainment space that incorporates retail with food and drink services. They also plan to install a demo machine for customers to trial new games, offering an entire experience for fans.


The menu is set to change regularly, in conjunction with new releases and special events. Their first food and drink selection takes its inspiration from the world of Monster Hunter X, the next instalment in the quest-based series that’s taken Japan by storm.

Check out some of the menu highlights below!

▼ Paw Print Nyan-Kokku’s Curry 1,836 yen (US$14.88) is a dish to commemorate the introduction of an awesome new character to the series, Nyan-Kokku, the cat chef.


▼ Airou Latte, in a hot or iced version, will be available for 842 yen.


▼Beruna Village Cheese Fondue 2,808 yen. Beruna is a village, set at the base of a massive mountain range, that hunters will visit in the yet-to-be released game.


▼Airou’s Paw Hamburger Patty Plate 1,836 yen.


▼ With a Scotch egg as the centrepiece, the Flying Dragon Egg Salad is 1,836 yen.


▼ Those who’ve saved up enough money will be able to pay 7,344 yen for four types of Kongari Niku (well-done meat) available in the game.


▼ If that’s out of your price range, you might like to try a single serving for 1,944 yen.


▼ For dessert, Airou pancakes are served with four monster sauces for 1,944 yen.


▼ The Dancer’s Unite! Feni Parfait comes complete with Feni’s adorable bell for 1,620 yen.


If you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter series, or Capcom games in general, this promises to be a great place to feast on your favourite characters in real life. We can’t wait to see what other edible creations they’ll have in store for us in future!

Restaurant Information
Capcom Cafe/カプコンカフェ
Address: Saitama-ken, Koshigaya-shi, Aeon Lake Town, 4-2-2
Open: 9:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.

Source: ITmedia
Top Image: CAPCOM Co., Ltd. (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert Images: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.