Recreate Ash’s voyage around the Orange Archipelago without ever leaving your living room.

Last year, a jumbo-sized plushie of Water/Ice-Type Pokémon Lapras went on sale. It was so big that small children could ride on it, imitating how human protagonist Ash went island hopping in the Orange Archipelago in the franchise’s anime.

▼ Last year’s Lapras

Let’s be honest here, though. No parent who isn’t a Pokémon fan would buy a stuffed Lapras that’s that big for their kid. However, it’s also true that no parent who is a Pokémon fan could have something like that in their house and not feel intensely jealous because it’s not really big enough for an adult to ride.

▼ See?

So obviously, the only sane (or insane, if you can’t appreciate the beauty of anime/video game-influenced interior design) thing for merchandiser Bandai to do is to make an even bigger, for-adults-size Lapras plushie.

The Lapras You’ll Absolutely Want to Ride, as it’s officially called, stands 1.2 meters (47.2 inches) tall and a whopping two meters (78.7 inches) across. It also weighs 16 kilograms (35.2 pounds), meaning you can use it for weight-lifting, provided you can figure out how to grip it or balance it on a barbell.

Ironically, one of the design elements that Bandai is touting is Lapras’ soft, cuddly spikes, although it looks like pretty much any part of the creature is enticingly squeezable.

Preorders are currently being taken here on the Premium Bandai website, with shipping projected in July. The company reminds potential customers that while the social Lapras can be seen swimming in aquatic herds in the anime, given the size of the new plushie, ordering multiple units is likely to leave you with precious little floor space inside your home.

Bulk orders will have a similar effect on your cash reserves, as the Lapras You’ll Absolutely Want to Ride is priced at 79,400 yen (US$750). While that definitely sounds like a lot for a plushie, once something gets to be this big it’s probably more accurate to think of it as furniture, and besides, just think how well a giant Lapras sofa will tie the room together with your giant Snorlax bed.

Source: Premium Bandai
Top image: Premium Bandai
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