This Pokémon plushie is big enough to serve as a desk and soft enough to use as a pillow.

With close to 900 species in the official Pokédex, the Pokémon franchise periodically gives a little extra attention to a particular species. This summer it’s Piplup’s turn in the spotlight, thanks to the Piplup Project that was announced back in May as a salute to the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Water-type starter.

As shown in the above video, Piplup is currently practicing for some remote office visits to cheer up telecommuters, but if you need an extra boost, you can have Piplup in your home thanks to this new gigantic Pokémon plushie/pillow/desk!

At 90 centimeters (35.4 inches) long/tall, Piplup is big enough to use as a laptop desk if you’ve got some work that needs to get done. Alternatively, if you’ve finished your shift for the day (or are simply taking advantage of the extra freedom that comes from working away from your boss’ watchful eyes), you can follow the Pokémon’s lead by closing your eyes and taking a nap on top of it.

The extra-large plushie is the newest addition to toymaker Takara Tomy Arts’ Suysuya Friend Ouchi de Relax (“Soundly Sleeping Friend Relaxing at Home”) series, and is stuffed with extra-fine cotton in order to be especially cuddly.

Given its size, and price of 14,960 yen (US$136), Takara Tomy Arts realizes the Suya Suya Friend Piplup isn’t going to be an impulse buy by someone who wanders into a store and sees it on the shelf, and so it’s available only by preorder through the company’s website here. Orders can be placed between now and August 9, with delivery scheduled for December, and if you’re in need of more immediate Pokémon plushie napping assistance, there’s always the Yamper butt pillow.

Sources: Takara Tomy Arts, PR Times
Top image: Takara Tomy Arts
Insert images: PR Times, Takara Tomy Arts
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