Because when it comes to anime, video games, and personal hygiene, you can love all three.

There’s a never-ending flow of awesome Pokémon merchandise, which really isn’t surprising. With so many cute and cool Pocket Monsters having made appearances in the franchise’s video game and anime instalments, every fan is bound to have found at least one they feel a special affinity for, so producing plushies and other items in their images is a no-brainer.

But along with the huge variety of Pokémon, there are also dozens of different types of Poké Balls, the high-tech spheres Pokémon Trainers use to catch and house their Pocket Monsters. Merchandiser Bandai has just announced a collection of beautifully crafted Poké Ball recreations, and it turns out they’re actually functional, too.

The set consists of 11 Poké Balls, starting with Generation I’s standard Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Ball.

More advanced versions consist of representatives from the Generation III and IV arcs, such as the Luxury and Premier Balls...

…the Quick, Dusk, and Timer Balls

…and the Heal and Dive Balls.

Unfortunately, throwing these Poké Balls at your Pokémon plushies won’t shrink and teleport them inside the sphere. However, the balls are designed to store breath mints, which you can extract by opening the balls up and shaking the tablets out.

▼ While the bundled set includes all 11 balls, plus three small bags of mints, there’s only one interior container piece, so you’ll have to choose which Poké Ball to place it in for the day.

Finally, the package comes with clips to hold up to six Poké Balls on your belt.

▼ Because you never know if you’ll run into a Pikachu at the office.

The entire set can be ordered here through the Premium Bandai online shop, priced at 7,020 yen (US$63), with shipping scheduled for September.

Source, images: Premium Bandai

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