Eden Academy beret comes in both adults’ and kids’ sizes for anime fan families.

There’s a lot going on in Spy x Family. Any given episode or chapter of the anime/manga franchise could have anything from cunning espionage with the fate of the world hanging in the balance to the more personal, yet no less compelling, stakes of trying to make new friends in elementary school.

What you can pretty much always expect from Spy x Family, though, is for the series to be sweet and stylish, and today we’re looking at two ways to make some of that style your own thanks to Japanese hat maker CA4LA.

CA4LA has recreated two pieces of headware from the anime, but as always, it’s the Anya angle that grabs one’s attention first, with a real-world version of the beret that’s part of Anya’s uniform at the elite Eden Academy.

Thankfully, the designers realize that even fans who are already out of school might want to don this chicly cute cap, and so the beret is offered in both adults’ and kids’ sizes. Since the beret is inspired specifically on the one Anya wears, there’s even a Stella star for an extra elegant touch.

The liner’s pattern alternates between the Eden Academy crest and the CA4LA logo, and you’ll also find Anya’s name written there.

▼ We suppose this makes the hat technically Anya’s property, so if she asks you for it back you have to give it to her, but who could say no to that cute little kid anyway?

Meanwhile, if you’re going for a more dandy look, you can opt for Loid’s fedora, which is available in adult-size only.

As with Anya’s beret, this could pass for a completely normal and stylish hat with no anime connection at all to the untrained eye. Fellow fans, though, will spot the emblem of WISE, the intelligence organization Loid is an operative for, on the band.

Loid’s signature can be found on the lining…

…and both hats feature Velcro straps that you can adjust for just the right jaunty fit.

The made-in-Japan hats are priced at 18,700 yen (US$140) for Anya’s (same price for adults’ and kids’ size) and 28,050 yen for Loid’s. Orders can be placed here through online retailer ShoPro Mall, with shipping scheduled for early December.

Source, images: PR Times
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