Theatrical anime feature has brand-new story not found in original manga.

In the current anime market, the norm for animated adaptations of manga is a single season of 13 episodes to start and then, if things go well, a follow-up at some point, possibly years down the road. So Spy x Family fans have a lot to be thankful for, seeing as how after the anime’s debt in spring of 2022, they got a total of 25 TV episodes before the year was done, and it won’t be long until they get even more, with a new season slated to start airing this October.

But Spy x Family’s popularity has grown too big for it to be contained within the confines of a TV set. There’s also a brand-new Spy x Family anime movie on the way, and we’ve now got our first sneak peek at it with its first teaser trailer.

Titled Spy x Family Code: White, the movie’s plot, as is the norm for the franchise, seems to have two layers to it. On the one hand, it’s the story of a family vacation for the Forgers, with father/doctor Loid, mother/office worker Yor, and daughter/elementary school student Anya taking a trip together to what appears to be a beautiful snow-covered destination and enjoying some delicious desserts.

Of course, since Loid is secretly a spy, Yor secretly an assassin, and Anya secretly clairvoyant, pretty much any Forger family excursion involves at least one of them involved in some sort of high-stakes scheme that they’re trying to keep everyone else in the dark about, and we hear Yor declaring “This is your final warning,” Anya worrying that “Is this the end of our family?”, and Loid promising “I’m going to be the one who comes out on top.”

Making the whole thing especially exciting is that the movie’s story is completely original, not adapted from any arc of the manga, making this the first piece of Spy x Family animation where even those who have been reading ahead in the comic won’t know what’s going to happen until the events unfold on screen.

▼ “Go to hell, baby,” says Anya in her best attempt at a hard-boiled voice.

Spy x Family Code: White comes out in theaters in Japan on December 22.

Source, images: YouTube/TOHO animation チャンネル
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