Pay homage to your favorite character or idol (“oshi”) while building your bank.

Hot on the heels of the “Altar for Enshrining Oshi” oshi kamidana, novelty goods maker Dreams is now offering an oshi offertory box where you can make small donations to your deity of choice. The box is designed to resemble a small version of the offertory box that you can find at shrines or temples in Japan and toss a coin into before praying.

Just as with its predecessor, the oshi offertory box comes in eight different colors so that you can select the one that matches your oshi’s image color. As one example, our Japanese-language reporter’s oshi is Rika Shimakura of idol group BEYOOOOONDS, so she selected purple to match Rika’s image color.

Inside of the package are four wooden boards to assemble like a plastic model. The words “offertory box” are clearly visible, however, so you’ll have no trouble telling this one apart from your other models. You’ll need a box cutter as well, so make sure you have one handy if you don’t already.

You’ll first have to separate the individual pieces, but they should come cleanly off if you simply poke around the edges with the box cutter.

Next is the assembly. In the case of the oshi kamidana, there were lots of little parts that seemed easy to break. All of the parts for the oshi offertory box, however, are much bigger and easier to work with.

One neat little touch is the outline of an ema wooden plaque on the base of the box where you can write a special message or wish to your oshi.

▼ “I wish to meet my oshi many times”

Lastly, proudly display an acrylic stand or other momento of your oshi and flank it with two out of four protective talismans of your choice. The two below read “Cutest in the world” and “Oshi is God.” The whole assembly process takes only about 20 minutes and leaves your oshi looking more divine than ever before.

Of course, as an offertory box, it has a practical use as well. Whenever you have some spare change or want to make a dedicated offering to your oshi, simply toss it inside. It’s supposedly able to fit up to 50,000 yen (US$361) worth of 500-yen coins, which is plenty to purchase admission to a live event of your oshi and buy goods as well.

By the way, there’s a little part that you can swap in to make it easy to display a trading card instead, based on your mood.

Perhaps the offertory box’s coolest feature is that it’s fully compatible with the oshi kamidana as well! Grab some of the spare parts and connect the two of them together for a super deluxe version.

There’s only a single coin slot in this fused version and you can’t see the rest of the coins underneath, so you won’t know exactly how many you’ve collected until it’s time to open it up.

At 1,650 yen, the oshi offertory box costs exactly the same as the oshi kamidana and can also be purchased on the Dreams Online Shop or Rakuten. Maybe once you’ve saved up enough you can also purchase materials for making detailed dioramas of your favorite video games, too.

Reference: Dreams Online Shop
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